Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three Years- Influences -Dan Hill


We OPEN on a young BOY aged about four or five. He’s wearing t-shirt and shorts and is sat cross legged on a carpeted living room floor.

He stares up in wonder as an elderly man dressed in slacks and a woollen jumper, sits in the armchair before him, gesticulating wildly.

CAPTION Life is but a fleeting moment, so the saying goes...

CUT TO: the same boy, his back to us. He’s sat cross legged, a few metres away from a boxy looking TV that sits in the corner of a different living room.

KING KONG is playing on the TV, the light from the screen almost enveloping the boy.

CAPTION We’re born, we grow, we learn.

CUT TO: a shot looking down at the boy slightly as he stands before a line of shelves in a newsagent. He clutches a copy of Marvel Tales #182 and waves it towards CAMERA/an off panel parent. He’s smiling from ear to ear.

CAPTION We accumulate.

CUT TO: the same boy, older now, a man in his early 20’s. He’s sat cross legged on the grass in a park, summer happening behind him.

A girl, a few years younger, sits opposite him, a picnic between them. A copy of Identity Crisis #1 sits in the man’s lap.

CAPTION Some things change.

CUT TO: the man, who should probably know better, sitting cross legged with his back to us. He’s in front of a modern flat screen TV that’s sitting on a media unit that’s all metal and glass.

On the TV screen a man in a suit runs across a beach, the detritus of a plane crash spread around him.

CAPTION Some things don’t.

CUT TO: the man, standing near a desk with a PC on it in a tiny, cramped bedroom. He’s turned towards us, reading from a batch of printed pages.

The girl from panel 1.4 sits on the corner of the bed, staring up at the man with a smile on her face.

CAPTION Life is but a fleeting moment, so don’t waste a second on something that doesn’t make you smile.


  1. Nice page Dan. Everyone needs their "girl from panel 1.4" :)

  2. Touching and honest little story Dan. You pace this perfectly never jumping to far forward in time as to throw the reader off this being the progress of one person. Also your last caption looping back to your opening panel gives the whole piece a nice mirror to the writing process, that it's an always on going, ever evolving thing.


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