Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Years – Influences – Down The Rabbit Hole – Shaun Richens.


1. Ext. My small country primary school on a hot summers day.

CAPTION ME: I could tell you so many stories of how my passion for writing was sparked.

CAPTION ME: But like all good tales it’s worth starting at the beginning.

2. Int. Classroom a substitute teacher, who looks a heck of a lot like Captain Haddock from Tintin stands before his class in front of the white board. He is broadly smiling and clearly so very happy to be teaching.

CAPTION ME: He told us a tale that ended…

TEACHER: … You stumble and fall down the hole in your back garden.
TEACHER: Now what happens next? I want you tell me.

CAPTION ME: Anything could happen next…

3. A young me walks down a dark tunnel.

CAPTION ME: I remember the thrill of my pen on paper. My words could make anything appear at the end of this tunnel.

4. A young me sits a top a dragon, a long cloak around my shoulders blowing in the wind a crown on my head, a wooden short sword in my hand.

CAPTION ME: I made a lot of things appear.

5. The large old hand of my substitute teacher holds a copy of the Hobbit and hands it to me.

CAPTION ME: My teacher read my story. He told me I’d like a book of his.

CAPTION ME: So he lent it to me.

6. Close up on a computer screen.

The screen reads: And here I am still falling down that hole.


  1. I really love the imagery at play in this one. It really gets across that raw, visceral feeling of adventure and escapism.

  2. Nice page Shaun. That unspoiled potential when you start a new story really is a great driving factor.


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