Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three Years - Influences - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1 - WARREN ELLIS, STEVE DITKO, and JIM STARLIN are walking out of an art-house movie theatre.  The posters and the marquee advertise Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai (Now Playing) and Blade Runner (coming soon).  It's starting to rain, so while STARLIN flips up the collar on his jacket, DITKO puts on a snap brim fedora and ELLIS lights a cigarette.

DITKO (looking up the street):  Say, there's a Dunkin' Donuts up the block.  Anyone up for a cup of coffee?

STARLIN:  Perfect.

ELLIS:  I could do with a spot of tea m'self...

Panel 2 - Suddenly, as the trio walks up the street, the sidewalk rocks and buckles before them, rubble and a flash of lightning causing them to shield their eyes and faces.  ELLIS, cigarette in his teeth, tries to protect DITKO by jumping in front of him.

SoundFX:  DOOOM!

ELLIS:  Oh, very Simonson...

Panel 3 - In the sidewalk crater, the AMERICAN ZOMBIE (me) and SAMMY HAGAR THOR are holding each other up, both of us barely standing, scratched and smoke smoldering from our skin.  The trio look on in surprise.   SAMMY HAGAR THOR is holding Mjolnir by the strap, and is a bit delirious.

A.Z.:  Guys!  You have to help!  We barely escaped R'yleh - -

HAGAR THOR:  ...'s like a Roger Dean album cover on Heisenberg meth, man...

A.Z.:  Cthulhu is heading right for us!!

Panel 4 - ELLIS, DITKO, and STARLIN quick glance at one another, sharing a secret smirk.


Panel 5 - The AMERICAN ZOMBIE and SAMMY HAGAR THOR look on as ELLIS, DITKO, and STARLIN power-up anime style:  ELLIS, has drawn a pair of blue steel .50-caliber Desert Eagle pistols (and has somehow got three lit cigarettes between his teeth); DITKO levitates cross-legged in the air, his hands gesturing and crackling with magic, a third eye dead enter in his forehead; STARLIN stares down the barrel of a ridiculously large laser rifle, Kirby krackle seeping from his eyes.  In the crowd, we can pick out BILL HICKS, GREGORY PECK, STEVE McQUEEN, and DOROTHY DANRIDGE.

SoundFX:  co-MIX!!!

STARLIN:  Once again, my allies, Creation itself is on the brink!

DITKO:  Who is John Galt?

ELLIS:  ...wankers...



  1. That last image makes it. Nice idea of your influences combining (literally in this case).

    I also think you have Ellis' banter down pretty well.

    Did you ever read the chapter on Starlin's Warlock in Douglas Wolk's Reading Comics? Well worth a look.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm a huge Warlock fan (may have to be a future pick...), as well as Starlin's Captain Marvel run. High concept cosmic tomfoolery, it was.

  2. "ELLIS: Oh, very Simonson..."

    I loved that bit :) very fun page RA, well done.

    Nice touch with Ellis's powerup including extra fags!

  3. Tight piece of writing, no fill all glory. Imaginative page sir, that power up panel is so good I wish I'd written it.


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