Sunday, May 19, 2013

Three Years - Questionnaire - Ben Rosenthal

Seeing as how MK, Grant and I answered the questions last year, here are some alternative ones we have decided to answer to get to know us more.

Who are some of your other favourite comic book characters?
Spider-Man still reigns supreme, although in the past year there have been numerous other ones to take my interest.  Deadpool will always be up near the top of the list due to the way he was written during Joe Kelly’s run on the title.  A few weeks back I mentioned that Quantum and Woody also had a special place in my comic booked heart.  Others include noire-themed Jamie Madrox, Norman Osborn and two characters whom I never thought I would love – Cyclops and Hakguy himself Clint Barton.
Cyke has developed so far beyond his scout boy image in the past year he is actually a pleasure to read now instead of the plain crisp leader he has been for years.  As for Hakwguy – well, it is a testament to Matt Fraction’s brilliance as a writer that I now consider his book one of the best out on in the market today. 

Who is your favourite comic artist? (Alternately, "Which comic artist would you love to work with?")
Oh man, too many to mention.  I have already had the chance to work with some awesome artists, with some of my words in the hands of artists as you read this waiting for them to be drawn to life.
Anyone who is willing to work with me is my favourite comic artist.  Is that a cop out?
True, nonetheless. 

Any lessons you've learned while writing at Thought Balloons?
A metric buttload – but I cannot think of any of them in this point in time.  It has taught me to hit a deadline.  It has taught me to force a story or an idea out of my head even if it is blank.  It has taught me that the weeks that you just throw something together to hit the deadline without researching are sometimes you best weeks, and those where you put you all in to a script can be your worse.  It is has taught me that it is much easier to write characters you have no idea about rather than characters you love.  It has taught me that the comic industry is full of awesome people.

What do you think has been your biggest improvement while writing at Thought Balloons?
My scripts.  That’s pretty much it.

And an insane desire to be half the writer that Dan Hill is.  That would be nice.


  1. Not exactly what I meant when I brought up the idea, but to each their own.

  2. Congratulations, Mr. Rosenthal, on your 3rd Anniversary here, and thank you so much for both helping me be a better writer, and giving me the opportunity to be a part of Thought Balloons.


  3. >>Slainte!

    Are you a fellow Irishman, Ray?

    1., my brother was born March 17th...and I'm a huge fan of the Pogues...and Jameson's.

  4. Thanks Ray. Pleasure to have you and your words here with us.

  5. Always great to get a look behind the curtain of a fellow writer. Some great answers here man.


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