Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three Years - Questionnaire -Dan Hill

Who is your favourite comic book character?

Depending on my mood-- Spider-Man or Superman.

Spidey is the great Everyman of comics. Superman is the idealised version of who we should be.

What is your favourite comic?

Ever? Batman: Year One. More so than the usual contenders of DKR and Watchmen.  You could even take away the costumes here and it's still a tale of two guys trying to make a difference in an indifferent city.

Right now though, it's Fury MAX. Ennis' exploration of post World War 2 foreign policy using Marvel's oldest soldier as a conduit is flat out amazing comics. I am a HUGE fan of his Punisher MAX comics, but this is even better. Believe.

Who is your favourite comic writer?

Garth Ennis and BKV. Ennis writes comics I want to read, about subjects I'm fascinated about.

BKV just...where do I even start. He imbues each and every one of his comics with so much character and personality. And he makes it look all so effortless.

Who has been the most fun to write so far?

Strangely enough, Ghost Rider. Okay, it was my own version of that character, but I loved writing a page featuring a rider dying and trying to get as far away as possible to do so.

Which character do you most dread having to write?

Sounds like a cop out, but none. I mean, I survived the horror of Pokemon. I try and approach each week with a script that could only be written for that character. Some weeks I succeed, others I don't. The challenge of that is half the fun.

Which non-comics character would you most like to write?

Indiana Jones. Mad Max. James Bond.

Which script do you think has been your best so far?

My Krypto one. I never got to write Superman. This was the next best thing. I think I managed to pull off showing everything I love about that character and his mythos.

Which script do you think has been the best on the site?

Cap's last line from Ryan's script always stuck with me. A sign of good dialogue.

But I also have to mention Grant's script for Enemy Ace. I'm a sucker for war stories and this one grew on me long after I'd left my initial comment.


  1. Dan, I had no idea you were a Superman fan. Then you mentioned you're loving Fury MAX. You're now my favourite thoughtballooner. Wear that badge with pride.

  2. Dan, thank you so much for not only your thoughtful critique of my pages, but absolutely inspiring me to be a better writer. Your Unknown Soldier script is still my go-to script for "see, this is how you do it".


    1. Oh, man. Your Unknown Soldier script killed it too. It took what I'd done and executed the concept perfectly.

      I was trying to think of where it came from in my brainspace the other day. It was The Battle For Algiers. Weird.

  3. Not surprised at all my the Ennis and BKV picks for favourite writers. Every time I read your pages sir its like reading the offspring that a night of sweet love between the pair would produce.

  4. Hi Dan,

    Interesting to read about your influences here. I agree with Shaun that their approaches are somewhat reflected in your work.

    I jumped back and read your Ghost Rider script and really enjoyed it. These posts have been great for cherry picking some of the best scripts posted here before my time.

    Thanks so much for your feedback on my scripts here to date. It is always greatly appreciated.


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