Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Year Three: Influences - George Lucas – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: The setting should be analogous to a booming old wild west style town. The location is near the front of the town, where a sign hangs that reads “LucasFilm”. GEORGE LUCAS is sitting on top of a tauntuan, wearing a wild west-style business suit. A wagon pulled by two other tauntauns is nearby, which has a couple of STORMTROOPERS sitting at the reigns.

Standing around GEORGE LUCAS are a handful of characters from his movies as well as a handful of unaffiliated fans.

CAPTION: With the town no longer in his hands, the man who had founded it prepared to leave and head on out into the sunset.

Panel 2: Exterior view of a building that looks kind of like a saloon. Sounds and sights suggesting a celebration going on inside surround it. A sign over the building’s door reads “FAN HEADQUARTERS”

CAPTION: Some took the news as reason to celebrate.

Panel 3: ‘Twin Panel’, showing two things happening at once.

One part of it shows a crew of MICKEY MOUSE robots/droids/clones (workers) assembling a train station, complete with a set of signs that have names of other DISNEY properties on them, such as DISNEY HEADQUARTERS, MARVEL, and PIXAR (as examples).

The other half shows a crew of other MICKEY MOUSE workers demolishing a building with a sign that reads LUCASARTS.

CAPTION: Even as the new owners began to put their own imprint on the town.

Panel 4: GEORGE LUCAS looks at those who have gathered around him as he prepares to move out.

CAPTION (1): As he prepared to leave, those who still believed in the town’s founder asked why he had chosen to leave, and how he could trust what he had built and maintained on his own for so long to a new entity and an unknown future.

CAPTION (2): In response, he said that he believed it was finally time for him to move on to a new adventure. And that while he was no longer in command, there was still hope that the new leaders would be willing to call on his knowledge if it was ever needed.

Panel 5: GEORGE LUCAS and the wagon ride off into the sunset, leaving the town and the crowd behind.

CAPTION (1): As he finally left them behind, if there was one thing they could all agree on, it was this:

CAPTION (2): That in whatever calls he may have made while he was in charge, however questionable they may have been, from the time he built the town until the time he sold it, there was one theme they all had in common…

CAPTION (3): …That they were all done on his own terms.



  1. This read like a fairy tale, not sure if that was intended but I loved that about it. You had this bold and wonderful visual description paired up with captions that read like a story book, you even ended on a little lesson. This was charming and heart warming. A wonderful sent off due to a man who I am sure has influenced all of us here at some point.

  2. Great, great script. Lucas is bashed a heck of a lot but he's given so much to pop culture as a whole. If you haven't already, grab the Raiders story transcripts. He calls bullshit on a lot of Spielberg's crappy ideas.

    1. You'll have to give me more information about what you're talking about. I can't say I've heard of these transcripts you speak of, but you have certainly caught my interest.


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