Saturday, June 22, 2013

General Zod - Father's Day - Ray Wonsowski

(...ok, had a hard time this week, was originally going to do a joke page; Zod hosting Saturday Night Live with Neil Young as a musical guest..."No, no, not after, Neil before Zod"...anyway, then my brother, pw!, the artist, came and visited for Father's Day weekend.  He drew a picture for my boys, that they colored, which was so cool to me, I am using it as my first panel.  So without further ado, the Wonsowski family jam...)


Panel 1 - A crystal room on planet Krypton.  GENERAL ZOD fights JOR-EL, punching him in the face:
ZOD:  Betrayer!

Panel 2 - JOR-EL is on the crystal floor, ZOD is straddling JOR-EL, strangling him, his hands about the scientist's throat.

ZOD:  By obeying the Council's edict, you have doomed all of Krypton!

ZOD:  I could have saved them all!  I could have led Krypton to a new dawn!

Panel 3 - JOR-EL, still being strangled, grabs onto a long, slender crystal in desperation.  ZOD screams, spitting in his foe's face.

ZOD:  You have killed us all!!  

ZOD:  Me!  You!  Your wife!

Panel 4 - JOR-EL, off-panel, breaks the heavy crystal over ZOD's head, knocking him unconscious.

ZOD:  Your s--

SoundFX:  KrAK

Panel 5 - Foreground, ZOD facedown on the floor, out cold.  Background, JOR-EL, a couple of COUNSELORS, and their personal ELITE GUARD, stand over him.  One COUNSELOR rests his hand on JOR-EL's shoulder; JOR-EL looks at it in disgust as he rubs his neck.

COUNSELOR:  He would have thrown the whole of this world into panic and chaos.

JOR-EL:  He would have executed you as traitors, for keeping those you serve ignorant of this planet's destruction.

JOR-EL:  And I am not wholly convinced that he is wrong...

(BIG thank-you's to Nikolas, Victor, and Uncle Peter for the art-assist this week, the inspiration for this week's script, and the most neat-o Father's Day ever!)

(Oh, and also my wife, Sonnia - thanks for the kids!)

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  1. Great to see some art on TB :)

    I love the cut off "your son" line. Nice work.


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