Thursday, June 20, 2013

General Zod - There But For the Grace of Zod - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Zod stands, his back to us, gazing out a window contemplatively, his hands behind his back. Out the window, we see a shining, futuristic city. In the reflection, we see that Zod is older now; grey-haired. We also see Superman (referred to here as Kal-El) in a military uniform behind him, at attention.

KAL-EL: Imperator Zod? The people are ready for your annual Colonisation Day speech.

ZOD: I was just thinking, General El...

Panel 2: Over Kal-El's shoulder. Zod has half-turned from the window to face him. Zod's expression is still contemplative.

ZOD: Every year on this day, I find myself pondering... What would have happened to us had my... revolution not been successful?

Panel 3: Close on Kal-El. He remains at attention, but is slightly troubled by the question.

KAL-EL: Our race would have perished along with our original home, Imperator. We never would have come here, overthrown the impure Xudarians, and turned their world into our glorious Neo-Krypton.

Panel 4: Zod starts walking towards Kal-El, an ever-so-slight smug grin on his face.

ZOD: Hm. Our short-sighted former rulers failed to see that Kryptonian greatness lies not in our soil but in our blood.

Panel 5: Zod is now in the foreground, with Kal-El following him out the door. Zod has a more sinister grin on his face, unseen by Kal-El.

KAL-EL: Yes, Imperator. It is only a tragedy you were unable to save my mother and father before those fascists executed them.

ZOD: Indeed... Such a pity about that...



  1. Hey, someone finally broke the pattern of kneel scripts! :^b

  2. Hi J.D.

    I love a good elseworlds/what if

    Is there an implication that Zod has knowledge of the main DC timeline there or have I read into that entirely?

    I really like the "...not in our soil but in our blood" line.
    What I was expecting after this, which I think would have driven it home, was for Zod to walk out and we see Xudar's *yellow* sun.

  3. WOW! What a great What-If/Elseworlds idea. Everything works here: Kal-El is very little different from his current persona, and his natural earnestness plays great counterpoint to Zod's mania and vendetta against Jor-El. Also, I agree with Brian; "Kryptonian greatness lies not in our soil but in our blood," is a KILLER line, especially from Zod's lips. You can feel him beaming with Kryptonian pride.
    Great script this week, JD.


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