Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Human Torch- Blaze of Glory -Dan Hill


[Note: The entirety of this page should have a 60’s vibe in its colouring and style. Think the technicolour look of Thunderbirds or the original Lee/Kirby run.

Wide: the panel is filled with a CLOSE UP on a piece of Kirby-esque machinery.

JOHNNY CAPTION: “Four months since my powers vanished.”

Wide: a silver metallic fin fills the panel, a ‘go faster’ red stripe streaking across the top of it.

JOHNNY CAPTION: “God knows how long since we all got on that rocket.”

Wide: On JOHNNY STORM as he zips up a blue jumpsuit. It looks near identical to his Fantastic Four costume bar the zipper up the middle of it (it even has a number 4 embroidered on the breast).

JOHNNY CAPTION: “And all anyone asks is what I miss the most.”

JOHNNY CAPTION: “You know what I tell ‘em, Blaze?”

A tight shot on JOHNNY BLAZE. He’s wearing a pair of overalls and looks tired but jovial. He’s rubbing some grime off his hands with a rag.

BLAZE: Got a feeling you’re gonna tell me anyway, Storm.

BLAZE: She’s ready by the way.

On Johnny Storm grabbing a crash helmet from a nearby locker.

STORM: It’s the heat.

STORM: The rush.

Wide: we pull out to show a futuristic looking race-car in the middle of a workshop. When I say futuristic I mean the 60’s idea of futuristic (something like this: http://lester.demon.nl/superm/pix/sfx/tbirds/car4.jpg). The car is silver in colour with a red stripe running up the edges of them.

The hood of the car is propped open and we can see the silver, Kirby-esque engine inside. Johnny Storm is walking over to the car (emblazoned with the Number 4 in black writing), helmet in his hand. Blaze looks on proudly, hands on his hips.

BLAZE: Well, lets see what we can do about that.

STORM: Lets fire her up.


  1. Really like this. You've looked for the core of Johnny's personality and found a great way to show it. Nice choice of complimentary character, congruent spirit and wordplay to boot.

  2. The fact you opened by saying this was a 60's style kinda of story made it all work. You nailed the tone of that ear so well here.

    The combo of characters is cheesy but works well for your whole set up and that final panel is a very tasty visual.

    I also dig how your dialogue feels ernest and straight here. That really fits the characters, they don't mince words. Lastly "Lets fire her up." Is a piece of dialogue that sums up Storm. quality page.

  3. The one thing I find awkward about this script is the way you have what I'm assuming are captions giving Johnny's narration stated as "JOHNNY CAPTION" as though the 'Caption' part is part of his name. I'm sure it wouldn't be too big a deal in the long run, but it did throw me off the first time I read through it.

  4. That was my bad. I forgot to throw parentheses around those bad boys.


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