Monday, June 3, 2013

Human Torch - Changes - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Sue Storm is doing the dishes in the kitchen of the Baxter Building.  We see her from front on, with an empty doorway behind her.  From the door way someone is yelling to her.

JOHNNY (off Panel)
SUE! Check this out!

2.  Johnny is standing in the doorway in a towel.  He has just finished dyeing his hair black.  He points to it with both hands, clearly happy.  Sue is trying to work out who Johnny is.  She does not recognise him.

You like it, sis?

J-Johnny?  Is that you?

Yeah.  What you didn't recognise me with different coloured hair?

3.  Sue looks unsure.  Johnny cannot believe what he is hearing.

No.  You’ve always had blonde hair Johnny.  It’s a part of your character.  Changing it to black I…I just don’t know who you are.

You’re kidding me right? 

4.  Johnny is pretty miffed.  He is lecturing Sue for her simplistic view of the world.

Why does it matter what colour my hair is?  How I look isn't what makes me.  It’s what I do and what I represent that makes me.  Hair colour isn't a defining quality!

5.  Sue has turned her back on Johnny, while he is storming out of the room from where he entered in disgust, hands up in the air.

But your hair is blonde Johnny.  If it’s not blonde, it’s not you!


I don’t understand what the hell is wrong with people.


  1. Had to google to see if there was some continuity I was missing out on.

    Hadn't read the MB Jordan rumours :) nice page

    (would have like to see Sue interrupted doing something more interesting than the dishes though... surely Reed sends the washing up to the negative zone :P)

  2. Like Brian I didn't know about the MB Jordan rumours, at first I thought you where making a joke about Chris Evans playing Cap as well.

    The gag is fun enough and works well as a one pager. Although I'm totally with Brain, I wasn't crazy on Sue doing the dishes. Seemed like an oddly specific choices to make. Perhaps could have played for my laughs having Sue walk in on Johnny dying his hair maybe? Just a thought.

  3. Sue cleaning the dishes is done quite on purpose. I'm suggesting that those who may have an issue with Johnny being of a different race may also want to see Sue sticking to her stereotyped role.

    I'm so passive aggressive.

  4. This also took me a minute to get, but when I did, I was all "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Genius." Great touch.

    Also, Sue probably cleans the dishes with lasers, or something.

  5. Nice 'meta' page. I completely missed Sue washing the dishes the first time around. Reading it again, it definitely adds to the page.

    I didn't get the hate surrounding that rumour either btw.


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