Sunday, June 2, 2013

Human Torch – Troll Bait – MK Stangeland Jr.

(8 Panels)

Panel 1: A mechanic’s garage inside the BAXTER BUILDING, where JOHNNY STORM, the HUMAN TORCH, is working on a car. A door can be seen in the background, where THING and ICEMAN are walking by.

THING: …just saying Johnny’s got some insecurity issues….

Panel 2: HUMAN TORCH’s head pokes up and he looks towards the door.

Panel 3: HUMAN TORCH leans out the doorway to look where THING and ICEMAN are going. THING and ICEMAN have knowing looks on their faces.

HUMAN TORCH: What do you mean I’ve got insecurity issues?

THING: Oh, uh, you heard that?

Panel 4: HUMAN TORCH stands in front of THING and ICEMAN with his arms crossed.


THING (1): Well, I suppose as your friend, I could tell ya…

THING (2): It’s just that, you’re already the most popular team member, but you still add all this other stuff, like your acting and cars.

THING (3): Which you use to pick up chicks?

ICEMAN: Sounds like insecurity to me.

Panel 5: HUMAN TORCH looks at THING and ICEMAN with a ‘oh yeah?’ looks.

HUMAN TORCH: You guys are nuts! That’s not a sign of insecurity.

Panel 6: And cut to an exterior scene over NEW YORK, where HUMAN TORCH is flying across the sky near where SPIDER-MAN is swinging.

HUMAN TORCH: Hey, Webhead, you don’t think I’m insecure, do you?

Panel 7: Split panel, with THING’s head in one half and SPIDER-MAN’s head in the other. THING is talking with SPIDER-MAN over the phone.

THING: (Stylistic picture of a Troll’s head next to a picture of the HUMAN TORCH’s head.)

SPIDER-MAN: (A X^D or :^b style emoticon face.)

Panel 8: (SPIDER-MAN does a ‘maybe’ type hand gesture with his free hand.)


SPIDER-MAN (2): Well, I didn’t want to say anything, but…



  1. I like your use of icons and emoticons in p7

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Like Brian it's your clever and fun use of icons and emoticons in this page which I like the most. Its a fun use of the format and fits in perfectly with your light hearted set up. Cool stuff. I'd love to see you use this style in a more serious page see if it could translate.

  4. The icons one the page, like the others mentioned, are great.

    But what I enjoyed the most here was the interplay and dialogue between the various characters you had on the page.


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