Saturday, June 8, 2013

Johnny Storm - Harbinger - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1 - Foreground, JOHNNY STORM flying "flame-on" down a long palace hallway in Attilan.  The ceiling is high, but he is flying fairly close to the floor.  Through the crystalline and ornately appointed windows, we see that night has fallen.  He's smiling and waving goodnight over his shoulder to (behind him in the background) BEN GRIMM (the THING), CRYSTAL, and GORGON.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  The drinks come more frequently, since I've come back from the Negative Zone.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  Ben won't let me buy a single round.

Panel 2 - JOHNNY stands under a shower, water spraying in his face.  The water turns to steam on his skin.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  "Your money's no good, John," he says.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  He calls me "John" now.

Panel 3 - JOHNNY, in a red t-shirt and boxers, climbs into his Inhuman-designed bed.  The headboard and bed should have that organic, Jae Lee look to it.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  Never around Sue or Reed, just when it's us two.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  Like I earned it, or I finally grew into the name.  Like, "I'm a man now."


Panel 4 - P.O.V. from above.  In the dark, in bed, JOHNNY stares at the ceiling.  One hand is pointing up towards us, a flame dimly illuminating his face.  His eyes are tired; he can't sleep.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  I'm afraid of the dark now.  Like a little kid, I can't quite sleep without a little light.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  Because "Johnny" knows...

Panel 5 - Zoom in a little bit (head and shoulders shot).  Same P.O.V., but JOHNNY's mouth is slightly open, a touch agape.  His eyes are glassy.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  He's been on the other side of the closet door.  He knows what scrabbles around in the dark there.

Panel 6 - Zoom in a bit more (only the face).  From JOHNNY's open mouth, an alien looking insect pokes its antennaed head and foreclaws from the corner of his mouth.  JOHNNY's eyes have rolled back.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  I hear the chitinous scratching in the walls, at the corners.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  "Chitinous."  That's a Reed-word.  I think it means "dreadful"...

Panel 7 - Zoom in to just JOHNNY's mouth.  Now four or five alien insects are crawling out of his mouth, and maybe a slug or worm or two.  There are more behind, as his cheeks are puffing and lumping with more insects.  One of the insects bears the face of ANNIHILUS.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  I think it means something horrible awaits me from the other side.

CAPTION (JOHNNY):  Awaiting me still...



  1. Amazing build-up; I had no idea where it was going, but I was hooked, and the feeling of dread is there throughout.

  2. Great, great page. I LOVED the captions on this. The slow build to what Johnny fears rearing its head was great too.

  3. You show off just how well a three act structure can work in one page.

    You pull us in with a tale of friendship, Ben showing johnny how much he missed him, in the subtle way only a man made of rock can show his feelings.

    Then you pull us further revealing that the cocky, quite witted Johnny is a front for a guys who is just scarred of what he's seen.

    Then that last few panel pull in reveal turns everything on its head. Great creepy end that would bring me back for the next issue.


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