Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Johnny Storm - Lost in Translation - Grant McLaughlin

This page would do well with a cartoony look to it.  Panels one through nine are on a 3 by 3 grid, but there is space left on the page for a final tenth panel at the bottom.  Those initial nine panels are done in a manner to look like a sheet of paper that exists within the comic (to help get this across, most of the ninth panel is covered by Johnny's glove, as he is holding it).  Feel free to have the word balloons in panels one through nine written in big ol' catchphrase style.  At the bottom of the "paper" (and above the tenth panel), there is some white space where Johnny Arashi is written.

I hope I explained that clearly enough.

1 - Johnny Storm is holding a painting frame in front of himself.  There's no painting, so we can see him through the frame.  Johnny has a goofy smile on.

JOHNNY: Frame on!

2 - Johnny is dressed as a hockey referee.  He's dropping the puck on the opening faceoff between two teams.

JOHNNY: Game on!

3 - Johnny is walking down a stereotypical red carpet at some big awards show.  He wears stylish shades, has an attractive girl on his arm, and waves to the many photographers taking his picture.

JOHNNY: Fame on!

4 - Johnny is dressed up as an old timey lion tamer.  He holds a chair and a whip and is in the process of taming a lion, which is roaring at him.

JOHNNY: Tame on!

5 - Johnny wags his finger in reprimand at one of the Future Foundation children, as they have knocked over a vase, which now lies broken on the ground.

JOHNNY: Shame on!

6 - Johnny is dressed in an AIM uniform, doing some AIMy stuff (let's go with pouring beakers in a lab?).


7 - Johnny is crossdressing.  He wears a full evening gown, high heels, red lips, and a wig.

JOHNNY: Dame on!

8 - Johnny is sitting at a desk, doing his taxes.  He's got that tiny pair of glasses on the edge of his nose and an old school calculator that has paper coming out of it.

JOHNNY: Claim on!

9 - The final panel of the sheet is mostly covered by Johnny's hand holding the entire document.  Only the word balloon is really discernible.

JOHNNY: Maim on!

10 - Shot of Johnny looking down in disbelief at the actual paper that has all those panels printed on it.  He can't believe what he's seeing.

JOHNNY: This is seriously the last time I try licensing my likeness to a Japanese company...


  1. Great page. I love the AIM on! and obscured Maim on! panels.

  2. DAME ON! From that point on you could do no wrong.

    This is a silly yet super fun set up, your puns are varied and odd enough that the joke stays fresh the whole time and the last panel is the perfect beat to close on, it sells the rest of the page and gives all your clever pun work meaning. A really well crafter gag page Grant. You have some serious pun chops.

  3. Dude, every panel is a goldmine! Picture a Skottie Young, or Chris Eliopolous of "Franklin Richards, the Smartest Kid on Earth" doing the sight gags. Personally, 1st and 8th frame were my faves, though DAME on has a lot of comedic potential.

    Great gag reel, Grant. Nice page.

  4. I love puns, and although I think the final panel might be unnecessary, I gave this 5 stars. Tickled my funnybone.

  5. Lots of great visual gags going on here. I'd argue that the last panel is needed to give the page and gag some context.


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