Saturday, June 1, 2013

Planetary - Arrival - R.A. Wonsowski



Panel 1 - Head and shoulders shot:  ELIJAH SNOW, his head on a pillow, wakes up, one hand's fingers pinching the bridge of his nose, eyes shut in exhaustion, his other hand's fingers prying open the blinds near his bed.

SNOW (small lettering):  bugger...

Panel 2 - Zoom in for head shot.  SNOW holds blinds open, his face close to them.  His eyes are wide in shock.

SNOW (regular size lettering):  Bugger...

Panel 3 - Wide shot:  the Village.

SNOW (from one of the windows):  BUGGER!!!

Panel 4 - SNOW, now jumped out of bed, touches his lapel, and sees the penny-farthing button on it, the number "6" in red in the center:

SNOW looks furious.

SNOW:  Bugger!

Panel 5 - SNOW turns his head, hears a knock on the door.  He looks as if he's ready to beat seven shades of crap out of whoever took him Prisoner.

SoundFX:  tok tok tok

Panel 6 - SNOW opens the door to reveal the new NUMBER 2 of the Village (who looks a LOT like the old Number 6).  The new NUMBER 2 (as we know from his button) is raising his right hand, held in an "okay" sign, up to his eye.  SNOW looks surprised again, as this was the last person he expected to see.

NUMBER 2:  Good morning, Number 6.  I bear a message from our old friend, Dowling - -

SNOW:  Drake?!?

NUMBER 2:  "Be seeing you."

SNOW (small lettering again):  Bugger...

CAPTION:  Next Issue: 21st Century Schizoid Man!


  1. I LOVE that this is planetary by way of Prisoner. Feels very much in line with the crazy ideas Ellis though at this book. Also your use of the repeat phrase bugger makes for a nice look at how a character like snow deals with this kind of situation.

  2. Class page altogether dude, I love it. Great choice for your archaeology of the 20th century!

    On the fourth "bugger" I thought yo should have left it at three, but then I read the rest :)
    The up-down dialogue symmetry thing really works.

  3. This is kind of like that scene in The Wire where Bunk and McNulty go through various iterations of "fuck" when scoping a crime scene.

    But with The Prisoner. Sold!


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