Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Storm – Check – MK Stangeland Jr.

(NAMOR the SUB-MARINER is on the verge of one of his ‘Invade the surface world!’ binges again.)

(10 Panels)

(Since this page probably looks a little crowded, I’m trying my hand at one of those panel guidelines for it to help show how I’m thinking it might all be able to fit.)


Panel 1: NAMOR is storming down a beach and halfway into the water. STORM has flown to put herself in NAMOR’s path.


NAMOR: Stand aside, woman.

Panel 2: NAMOR sweeps his hand aside to try to signal for STORM to get out of his way.

NAMOR: You may control the weather, but I rule the sea!

Panel 3: Upward angled view of STORM as her eyes begin to glow, intended to make her look more intimidating. Above her, the sky begins to darken and clouds begin to form.

STORM: You doubt my powers out here?

Panel 4: Wide view of the surrounding area as a miniature hurricane – miniature as in about as covering as small an area as is possible – begins to form around the two.

Panel 5: View from inside a nearby city as people begin to look towards the direction of the uniquely small storm that’s begin to form off in the distance and the clouds that hang above in the sky. While the winds aren’t very violent around them, there is sign that there’s far lesser winds affecting them as well.

Panel 6: View from space of the general area surrounding where NAMOR and STORM are standing, where it’s seen that as small as the storm is, the clouds that are forming around it can still be seen from space.

Panel 7: Image of a news program, where an anchor is sitting at a desk with a picture of a hurricane up over his shoulder.

NEWS ANCHOR: This just in, there are reports of a freak, miniature hurricane forming…

Panel 8: Panel returns to NAMOR as he stands in the middle of the storm. He looks around, but in typical NAMOR style, he appears unphased by STORM’s display.

Panel 9: The hurricane begins to break up as STORM lets her powers subside. The white is gone from her eyes and there is now a smile on her face.

STORM: Glad to know you’re able to listen to reason, Namor.

NAMOR: Of course…

Panel 10: STORM flies back past NAMOR towards shore with the expectation that he intends to follow her. She’s largely off-panel at the moment, though, as it largely focuses on NAMOR, who is still standing in the water. He turns so that he can watch as STORM flies past her, the intent being that he’s ‘checking her out’. There might be a small, cartoonish style heart over his head to help emphasize the point that her display caused him to become smitten with her.

NAMOR: …what kind of king would I be otherwise?



  1. Nice little piece of characterisation on Namor at the end there, but for the displays of power, I think they do deserve more space.

  2. Hi MK. I think this page could definitely work at this density.

    You've laid out a 16 panel grid ala Dark Knight.

    I enjoyed your showing how even the most localised weather manipulation by Storm has an almost global effect.

    The jump between panel 8 and 9 threw me a bit. In 8 Namor look unphased so how has Storm inferred that Namor has backed down?
    Maybe some indication from Namor, acknowledging Storms power, in panel 8 would sort this.

    1. Yeah, it does appear I absolutely missed something in panels 8/9. I was aiming for the idea that Namor was backing down without loosing his arrogant nature, but it seems I completely missed the mark somewhere in there and now that you're bringing it up, it doesn't work at all the way I intended.

    2. Your intention is still clear though. I imagine an artist would fill in the gap with an appropriate facial expression in p8

  3. I definitely think this could work with the panel count given as the dialogue is at a premium.

    I think that the last panel, with the right artist, would probably work without the dialogue. Just the notion of him checking her out would get across his motivations in stopping his current rampage.


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