Thursday, June 13, 2013

Storm – A Cool Southern Breeze - Shaun Richens.

This would be drawn my Sean Murphy in an ideal world.


1.1 Wide. The bleak white expanse of Antarctica, the sky is nearly as clear and white as the blanket of snow on the ground. A row of bright orange and yellow tents dots the horizon, standing tall behind them is a selection of HALLEY VI ANTARTIC RESEARCH STATIONS, in blues and oranges. To one side of the research station is a DOPPLER WEATHER RADAR.

Researcher BROOKS (Coming from inside the research station): I think this might work.

1.2 Pulling inside the research station. A group of researchers huddle around a sleek, futuristic looking monitor. Researcher Brooks sits centrally to the monitor.

The screen displays a weather radar image of the local area. The image shows a large swirling blue weather cloud-moving in. (Reference something like this.)

RESEARCHER BROOKS: This is unprecedented. Fisher, check the scans.

1.3 Tight on RESEARCHER FISHER, she looks astonished. Her breath clouds up as she speaks.

FISHER: No need to check the scans. But we might want to turn the heating up.

1.4 Close up on the thermostat built into the wall. The thermostat reads - 57°C


1.5 A Polar bear stands on a tall and thin piece of ice in the middle of the ocean. His four paws close together as he tries to stay balanced. The bear looks down worried towards the ocean below.


1.6 The Polar Bear suddenly has more room as the ice grows and forms a mini ice island. The bear looks up towards the suddenly dark sky.


1.7 Wide. STORM floats in the air over the ocean. Her cape and Mohawk sway in the strong winds that she whips around herself. Dark clouds form overhead and large snowflakes are falling.

ICEMAN (Bobby) skates over the ocean on a path made of thick ice. From his hands he sprays even more ice this is the source of the bears new island.

STORM: You feeling the breeze yet Bobby?

ICEMAN: I might break a sweat I’m so hot.

STORM: Always with the smart mouth young man.


  1. I liked the build up inside the station. I was waiting for The Thing (not Ben Grimm) to show up... but of course I think of The Thing every time I hear Antarctica!

  2. Nice build up and I liked the interplay between Bobby and Ororo.

    That said, for a second there, I was expecting a Storm vs Polar Bear fight. Which would have been amazing.


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