Monday, June 10, 2013

Storm - Power Up - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Storm is calling down a bolt of lightning, sending it through a Sentinel.  It is raining around her with strong winds.  It is showing that she is not in a calm mood, but enraged.

VOICE (off panel)
Look at those readings!

2.  The same panel however is being shown on a TV screen.  There are readings all over the screen.  It is taking information from Storm as she fights.  No specific numbers, but they should show a spike graphically as the lightning strikes.

VOICE (off panel)
There is definitely a strong correlation between Storm’s use of her powers and a spike in our measurements.  But how did you know?

VOICE TWO (off panel)
I had always suspects there was a link.  One cannot simply ‘control the weather’ without it being based in some fact.

3.  A shadowed figure sits in front of the screen.  He is a numbers man – a scientist but we only see his silhouette.  He has turned his back to the screen and is looking at the individual off panel to whom the second voice belongs to.

VOICE (seated)
And you think that with control of the weak electromagnetic field in her nervous system Storm is able to charge the air to creature a pressure build up and  manipulate wind flow, perform an electrostatic discharge for lightening and target moisturised air for rain?

VOICE TWO (off panel)
I know a magnetic manipulation when I see it.  The only question is—

4.  The second voice is revealed.  It is Magneto, deep in thought.


--can it be learned?


  1. Given the current state of Magneto in the Marvel U I love the idea of him looking at ways to be as strong as he once was.

    Your captions are really engaging and build nicely, you also don't give to much away so the Magneto reveal is a real reveal.

  2. Gotta admit, Ben, I love your scientific exposition. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. And the Magneto reveal at the end is both sinister and expectant. Neat stuff.

  3. Cool idea Ben.

    The dialogue in P1 might work better as a caption than an OP balloon. Then the change from caption to balloon could reinforce the switch to screen effect and overlaid readings.

    This might make "Look at those readings!" a bit of a non sequitur in the single panel context - which may be a good thing, or could be changed to a more direct comment about her/her performance e.g. "Magnificent!" [on typing that I realise it would verge on a pun, so not that :) ]


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