Monday, June 10, 2013

Storm - Raise Up - Grant McLaughlin

I don't have an exact circumstance for this one.  Let's go with the Jean Grey School having a kindergarten program - or whatever works on your end to excuse this situation.

1 - A number of young mutants (aged 4 or 5) are playing in a park.  Most of them are having a grand old time, playing tag, hide and seek, with bubbles, or what-have-you.  However, one young girl sits on the ground, looking sullen and downcast.  A kite sits next to her.  There's some adults supervising, including Storm, who is walking towards the girl.


2 - Storm has walked up to the girl.  Storm hunches down, hands on her knees, bringing herself closer to the child.  The kid doesn't really look up; Storm looks optimistic and hopeful she can turn the kid's mood around.

STORM: What's the matter?

3 - The girl looks up and responds.  She's still pretty downcast.  Storm reacts with quiet surprise and interest.

GIRL: My kite doesn't work.


GIRL: It won't fly.

4 - The girl's expression suddenly has a spark of optimism.  She has a sparkle in her eye as a thought occurs to her.  Storm smiles back, picking up the kite.

GIRL: ...could you help me with that?

STORM: I'd be happy to.

5 - Storm and the girl hold hands / the kite string.  They run together with the kite behind them, just like anyone else would.  They both wear big smiles on their faces.

CAPTION (STORM): Let's do it together.


  1. I am fist-pumping tight now. The fact that you totally ran the other way with it (summoning the wind would've been so easy) and giving us that playful last scene, just pure joy for the sake of joy, you nail everything I love about Ororo as a character. Brilliantly done, Grant.

  2. You've found a nice way to show the softer side of a character that usually holds such a strong front.


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