Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Storm- Storm Warning -Dan Hill


Panel 1
Close up on NAMOR.

NAMOR: You came here expecting some playful back and forth.

Panel 2
Fixed panel. Namor, bored.

NAMOR: I’m busy, so I’ll save you the trouble.

NAMOR: I did it.

Panel 3
Wide panel; We’re in a meeting room somewhere in Atlantis. The entire room is made of a strange, see through material. Looking outside it’s apparent we’re somewhere hundreds of feet beneath the ocean.

In the room itself is a table, Namor at one end, STORM at the other. Some ATLANTEAN GUARDS also dot the room. Storm is not in her X-Men uniform, but a functional black suit that would look at home on a Navy Seal.

STORM: I know. But that Roxxon rig was in Genoshan waters.

STORM: We may be broken and battered, but we are rebuilding and we will not tolerate this kind of aggression.

Panel 4
Back on Namor, he gestures his hands to indicate their surroundings.

NAMOR: Look where you are. You do not frighten me Ororo Munroe.

Panel 5
Angle on Storm, not taken in by Namor’s arrogance.

STORM: I could rip the air from your gills right now.

Panel 6
On Storm still, now standing up as if ready to leave.

STORM: I could bring typhoons and disasters down on this kingdom by merely thinking about it.

STORM: So, I advise you to look where you are, Namor McKenzie.

Panel 7
Tight on Namor, not amused.


Panel 8
On Namor, breaking out into a predatory smile.

NAMOR: My mistake Madam President.


  1. HA! And again, I say HA! The political back and forth, the arrogant posturing, the way Storm uses Namor's LAST NAME...I love pages like this. Nice work, Mr. Hill.

  2. It's kind of fun to see moments like this, where both of us went for different versions of the same basic idea (A Storm/Namor page), and to then compare them and see what direction we each went with it.

  3. Yeah, having her using Namor's last name to undermine his majesty was a great touch.

    She does have the presence to pull off Presidential.


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