Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Umbrella Academy – I Heard A Rumor – Shaun Richens.


1.1 Wide.  THE RUMOR walks down the steps of the Hargreeves mansion. Her shadow falls long across the lawn as the light from the house seeps out into the blank starkness of the cold evening.


1.2 The feet of The Rumor as she walks across the grass away from us towards the base plinth of a large stone statue that stands alone and tall in the centre of the empty garden. (The Statue is out of frame.)


1.3 Close up on The Rumor. Her face half in shadow, her eyes closed tight.

THE RUMOR: I heard a rumor…

1.4 Wide. The Rumor on her knees at the base of the memorial statue of her adopted brother BEN HARGREEVES (THE HORROR) the stature shows him in mask and cape, his hero look. Large tentacles sprout from the torso of the stone statue.

We are looking up at the statue as The Rumor looks down at the ground unable to look at her dear brother.

THE RUMOR (Small) : …That you didn’t die

1.5 Tight on The Rumor, we see half her face and one of her shoulders. Her eye is wide open, a tear filling in the corner. Her mouth has dropped and is as dry as the sun. A man’s hand rests on her shoulder.  


1.6 Pull out. The Rumor is still on her knees. The Kraken (Diego Hargreeves) stands behind her his hand on her shoulder.

The Rumor quietly weeps into her hands.

KRAKEN: Even you can’t fix this one kid. 


  1. Jeez, Shaun, *sniff*, that was both tonally perfect and touchingly heartfelt. You really nail that sense of loss and grief, and the fact that you have Kraken play the shoulder role is a great choice. Nicely played, sir.

  2. I get the feeling from this script that she goes out there every night :)


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