Monday, June 24, 2013

The Umbrella Academy - Man's Best Fiend - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Number Five is tied to a chair in a dark room, blindfolded.  His body is bloodied and bruised, but his spirit remains defiant.

NUMBER FIVE: Is that the best you've got?

2 - A table filled with torture devices (and makeshift torture devices).  Knives, saws, pokers, prodders, and pretty much anything you can imagine would be lying there.  They are far from clean, with many showing noticeable wear and rust.

NUMBER FIVE (off-panel): This is a joke.

3 - Number Five continues to yell towards his aggressor.  A shadowed figure (said aggressor), cloaked in shadow, walks up behind Number Five.

NUMBER FIVE: Do you have any idea of what I can do to you?!

4 - Close-up of Number Five's face - specifically the blindfold.  Be close enough that the next panel the repeats this angle will only get one eye.  The aggressor has his hand around the blindfold and is in the process of taking it off.  The aggressor's hand is monstrously huge, clawed, and covered in hair.

AGGRESSOR: Believe me.

5 - Reveal panel.  Our mystery aggressor is none other than Number Five's pet dog, Mr. Pennycrumb!  Only Mr. Pennycrumb is now a huge, mutated beast of monstrous (humanoid) proportions.  His body is covered in terribly scars and burns.  Some body parts have been replaced in favour of cybernetic limbs.  He has a crazy look in his eyes and bares his fangs menacingly, spittle dripping from them.  As well, he still wears the blue collar that Number Five bought him in Dallas.  He looms over Number Five, holding the blindfold in his hand.

MR. PENNYCRUMB: I know all too well.

6 - Close-up of Number Five's now uncovered eye.  It is wide with horror.

NUMBER FIVE (quietly): ...Mr. Pennycrumb.  But you were...

7 - Mr. Pennycrumb snarls maliciously.  He reaches behind him towards the table full of torture tools.

MR. PENNYCRUMB: Never mind the past.  This is about the here and now.

8 - Mr. Pennycrumb's monstrous hand reaches over the bloody table from panel 2.  It hovers above, casting a huge shadow over the implements.  Mr. Pennycrumb's word balloon grows jagged and larger as it goes from left to right to illustrate his increasing rage.

MR. PENNYCRUMB (tail-less): And let me tell you...

9 - Shot of Number Five, echoing the first panel.  Only this time, he looks quite terrified - that spirt isn't doing so well.  Mr. Pennycrumb stands before him, but he is off-panel.  Instead, Number Five is engulfed by the enormous shadow that Mr. Pennycrumb casts over him.  Things look bad.  Mr. Pennycrumb's word balloon is large and full-on jagged, as his rage is being unleashed.

MR. PENNYCRUMB: Things are going to get rough!

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  1. ok,that was creepy and unsettling, with a Pet Sematery meets Hostel vibe to it. Side-note, I almost thought you would go for "Things are going to get rrRUFF!" I guess you can teach an, jolly good show, Mr. McL!


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