Monday, June 24, 2013

The Umbrella Academy - The Middle Ground - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A close up of The Séance (Klaus Hargreeves).  He sits in an alley in the rain.  Water pours down on him, but he is too lost in his thoughts to care. 

I was never The Monocal’s favourite.
Nor his least worthy.

2.  Same framing as Panel one, but Klaus is now looking to the rain.  He is lost in memories and looks much older than we last saw him.

And that’s the worst part.  Being number four of seven means I never excelled or was despised.  I simply existed.  Stuck In the middle where nobody took notice.

3.  Klaus is beginning to stand now, but we are still tight on his chest up.

I thought death would bring something different.  Either Heaven or Hell awaited, and both rejected me.

4.  A full body shot of Klaus standing in the alley.  A sword had gone clean through his stomach.  It is soaked with blood, as are Klaus’ clothes.  He seems unaffected.

And now here I am, stuck in the middle again.

5.  Klaus has pulled out the sword.


6.  A close up of Klaus again, similar framing to Panel 1.


Until the end.

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  1. Cool idea, but I was a little confused.

    Is it that he has died but this has left him somewhere between life and death, or that he has figured out that he can't die?

    If it is either of those, the last line doesn't really fit as the "end" can never truly come.


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