Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Umbrella Academy - "The Shower Scene" - by R.A. Wonsowski


Setting:  a city park at sundown.

Panels 1, 2, and 3 are the left-side, dead-center, and right-side views of the same scene (imagine a camera panning from left to right, in a circle, counter-clockwise, so that panel 1 is 9 o'clock, panel 2 is 6 o'clock, and panel 3 is, well, 3).  Across the top third of these panels is stylized sheet music:

(Of course, leave off the titles, and this would be cool in that Gabriel Bá flourishing calligraphy, but at the very lower right of panel 3 should be a caption box crediting Bernard Herrmann.)

In the center third of the triptych, scenic background, is the appropriate p.o.v. of the WHITE VIOLIN, slashing across her Strad's strings with her bow, every stroke a lash of violence.  Her face should, however, show an eerie calm.

In the lower third, foreground, are any number of PASSERS-BY on the street, their throats ripped open, blood spraying from their jugulars.  A few are clutching at their necks, others are collapsing.  Far right of panel 3, a young child grasps her throat in tearful, screaming panic; she is intact, but she knows with a child's knowledge that she is next.

The only copy in the triptych is the sheet music.

Panel 4 - Close-up:  The rictus-like grin of the WHITE VIOLIN, the tip of her tongue slightly beyond the edge of her teeth, licking the catgut strings of her bow.

CAPTION:  Number 00.07:  Vanya Hargreeves.

CAPTION:  Second Movement...

CAPTION:  To be continued...


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  2. Really interesting page layout, and love the incorporation of the music.

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