Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Umbrella Academy -Destination Destiny -Dan Hill

My understanding of Umbrella Academy comes from a single read of the first trade a few years back. Apologies in advance if this has been covered in the subsequent series.


Panel 1
Tight on a teenage SPACEBOY as he sits buckled up in a flight seat. He’s at an akward angle to us, his back (and the back of the seat) are on the bottom of the panel, orientation-wise. He’s wearing a 60’s era space suit, his head sticking out of the top of it. He’s not wearing a helmet.

Note: the two captions here are in different colours to separate them.

JOURNALIST (CAPTION): “What was the appeal of space? For you personally, I mean.”

SPACEBOY (CAPTION): “Paris. It started in Paris.”

Panel 2
We stick with the same viewpoint here. Spaceboy is now turned towards us slightly.

SPACEBOY (CAPTION): “I saw that...ship just blast off into the unknown.”

Panel 3
The same viewpoint, a look of awe now etched on Spaceboy’s face, as he turns towards us fully.

SPACEBOY (CAPTION): “For all my strength, for all my power that damn ship was in a realm that seemed beyond my grasp.”

Panel 4
The rest of the page is taken up by this huge panel. We’re looking out of a viewing port from Spaceboy’s POV. We can see the curvature and surface of Mars in its beautiful, rust-coloured glory spread out before us. Above it the infinite void glistens like diamonds on black velvet.

SPACEBOY (CAPTION): “Beyond my imagination, even.”

SPACEBOY (CAPTION): “I had to go there.”

Panel 5
Inset panel on the bottom right of Panel 4. A close up on Spaceboy from the neck up as he smiles.

SPACEBOY (CAPTION): “Whatever the cost.”

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  1. This was cool. Underlines the tragedy of his self exile on the moon.


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