Monday, June 17, 2013

Zod - Before - Ben Rosenthal

1. A line of people in a grown room. It stretches the length of the panel. The first two people on the left hand side of the line are kneeling, with the third person beginning to crouch, getting ready for his turn to kneel.

2. The line continue, but with the person who was on the far right of the previous panel's line now kneeling, with others after him getting ready to kneel.

3. Different people again in the same line. Towards the end of the line stands Superman. Next to him is Zod.

4. Everyone up to Superman is kneeling. Supes is not. He is standing, staring straight ahead. Zod is looking at him. He cannot believe the arrogance of Superman.

5. Same as the panel above with Supes still looking ahead, not kneeling. Zod has his hand to his mouth, coughing in an effort for Supes to kneel.


6.  Same as Panel 5, but Zod is facing front now.  He is muttering to himself.



  1. It's a fun joke the first time though, but it's not much more than that, especially without any context to go with it. Unlike some scripts which get stronger the more you read through them, I think this one goes the opposite direction - the more I read through it, the weaker it seems.

  2. I'm not feeling this one either I'm afraid. I get the concept behind it, but I'm not sure it sits right tonally.

    MK's observation about the lack of context might also play into it, mind.

  3. I think this could work as a quick gag strip. It wouldn't be enough of a payoff if it was played as serious to start but could play if it had the right art style (someone like maybe).

    A DC version of Strange Tales.


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