Sunday, June 16, 2013

Zod – Crown Me Your Father- Shaun Richens.


1.1 Wide. The Lincoln Memorial Statue. GENERAL ZOD stands with his back to us, his hands crossed behind his back. He looks up at Lincoln.

CAPTION: Six days from now.

ZOD: This piece of stone is nothing compared to the works they will craft of me.

1.2 Zod has turned. He now looks down at SUPERMAN who is on his knees, his hands behind his back, they are lashed together with chains made of red kryptonite.

ZOD: Despite what strength you think you have Kal-El.

1.3 Tight profile shot of Zod and Superman. Zod cups Superman’s face by the chin and pulls his face close to his.

ZOD: Really you are just as weak as the fools you look to protect Clark.

1.4 The kneeling figure of Superman can be seen behind Zod as he walks away leaving Superman in the shadow of the Lincoln statue. Zod floats just off the ground his arms outstretched.

ZOD: You will always live in the shadow of Jor-el and old Krypton.

ZOD: Whilst I shall bask in the glow of my new Krypton.  

1.5 Wide. The Washington Monument stands tall to the right of panel as we look out across the reflecting pool towards the Lincoln Memorial. A massive crowd of thousands of people fills up every space around the pool they all kneel.

General Zod floats high above the steps leading up to the Lincoln statue his arms out stretched.

ZOD: Rise before Zod and crown me your father and ruler of new Krypton.


  1. I like the scope of it, especially when we pull back at the end there (although some context or hint at why they were there would have been cool).

    That said, I feel there was a slight disconnect when Zod called Superman Kal-El in one panel and then Clark in the next panel.

  2. Very classical super villain posturing.

    I agree with Dan on the Kal-El/Clark thing.

    You could try it with Clark in italics to imply a mocking tone.


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