Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zod -Inspection -Dan Hill

Panel 1
We're inside a barracks. The room is sparse, all white space. The only furnishings are a row of beds either side. In front of each bed stands a young RECRUIT, all of them wearing dark all in one jumpsuits. Amongst them is a young ZOD.
At the end of the room, REX-UR, the drill instructor, begins his inspection.
He cuts an imposing figure, tall with a buzz cut and razor sharp cheekbones. Every cadet is frozen in fear.
CAPTION: Military Academy, Krypton.
Panel 2
Inset: Close up on a young ZOD standing to attention. He looks visibly nervous and has several bruises on his face.
ZOD(CAPTION): Once, even I knew fear.
Panel 3
Wide: a profile shot of Rex-Ur as he begins to walk down the like of recruits.
ZOD(CAPTION): I saw it wielded as a powerful weapon...
Panel 4
Rex-Ur has now turned, facing us.
ZOD(CAPTION): I saw it shape and twist minds.
Panel 5
Tight on Zods reaction, sweat forming on his brow.
ZOD(CAPTION): Especially weak ones.
Panel 6
On Rex-Ur's feet as he clicks his boots together.
SFX: Click
Panel 7
Wide: a reverse shot of the first panel, now looking towards the opposite end of the room. Rex-Ur stands ramrod straight.
All of the recruits lined up by their beds, including Zod, are now kneeling.
ZOD(CAPTION): It's something I never forgot.


  1. I think this makes 3 for 3 thus far on Zod scripts which involve kneeling in some way, which makes me wonder if we're going to see the kneeling sub-theme continue all throughout the week. :^b

  2. Nice page Dan.

    Bit of an R. Lee Ermey :)

    I think it might have benefited from some descriptive details to differentiate the Kryptonian boot camp from an Earth one.


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