Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ZOD – Kneel Off – MK Stangeland Jr.

(3 Panels)

Panel 1: Large panel – not splash page size, but should occupy the majority of the page.

ZOD is facing off against LOKI – a large number of LOKIs. These are illusions being created by the real one, and as such are mostly just standing around, looking intimidating, and shouting at ZOD.

ZOD, on the other hand, is attacking the illusions in an effort to get LOKI to kneel by force.


LOKI ILLUSION 1: You first, you contemptuous brute.

ZOD (2): You will kneel before me!

LOKI ILLUSION 2: I’ll remember that once I have you on your knees.

Panel 2: A long-distance view of the events from PANEL 1 as being viewed through a pair of opera glasses.


SFX: *munch*munch*

LEX LUTHOR: (Off-panel) I must admit, Loki…

Panel 3: LOKI and LEX LUTHOR are in an office building, looking through the window at the scene from PANEL 1. They are sitting in high-class executive chairs and LOKI is viewing the scene through opera glasses while LEX LUTHOR is using some standard binoculars.

LOKI is busy chewing on some popcorn, but holds the bowl he’s been eating out of to the side as he offers some to LUTHOR.

LEX LUTHOR (1): …you certainly know how to entertain.

LOKI: *munch*Popcorn?*munch*

LEX LUTHOR (2): No, I’ll pass.


(Personal Admission: This is a variation on an idea I’ve wanted to play with ever since I first saw The Avengers last year.)


  1. I really want to comment on this script, MK, but I'm torn. On the one hand, your sense of humour really shines through. You can see a Mike McKone or a K. Maguire nailing every facial nuance and expression of body language. On the other hand, I feel like you've done stuff of much more substance, whether humourous or serious. I dunno...

    Even still, Luthor munching popcorn...priceless.

  2. Fun page MK.

    Plenty of room for the artist to go mad with visual gags.

    I would drop Luthor's last line, to end on Loki's funnier one.


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