Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zod – Year One – Brian Manton

Issue 1, Page 15

Notes: This is a bit of a retrofit/elseworlds history of Zod which uses some pre & post crisis storylines.  Jax-Ur has been imprisoned for destroying Krypton's moon (and the lunar colony of Kandor along with it) during an attempt at outlawed interstellar space travel.

Kryptonian jail cell. A purple energy field buzzes across the entrance.

JAX-UR sits on the floor, in the rounded corner of the barren room, his knees tucked into his chest.  With a hopeless expression, he looks up toward ZOD.

Zod stands outside the cell, with his arms behind his back.  He wears a Kryptonian military uniform.

Zod:  You've heard of this "Phantom Zone" Jor-El has been playing with? Well, I've suggested a use for it. They're going lock you up in there, Jax-Ur.

Zod switches off the cell energy barrier with the control panel on the wall. He maintains eye contact with Jax-Ur, who has gotten up off the floor and looks to Zod with a glimmer of hope.

Zod: Be grateful. If not for me you'd already have been launched into space with a crystal in your brain.

Jax-Ur:  Do... do you believe me? The sabotage?

Zod has entered the cell. His eyes look up and to his left, as he thinks. Jax-Ur is confused.

Zod:  They call me General, but do not let me command my men as an army.

Zod (linked):  The Council refuse to act on sound intelligence.

Zod stands in front of Jax-Ur, looming over him.  Jax-Ur is terrified.

Zod:  Mark me, Jax-Ur... the Coluan was coming for Kandor.

Zod (linked):  I was not going to let him take it.

Jax-Ur has backed away, horrified.  Zod clenches his fists.

Zod:  The Council appointed me to defend Krypton because they knew I could act where others would falter.

Zod(linked):  I will bring war to Colu.

Close on Zod - his eyes narrow, determined.

Zod:  That's where your spaceships come in.


  1. SQUEEEE!! You are obviously up on your Kryptonian history. There is so much to like here: Jax-Ur, Braniac, the council, the Zone, and a well-rounded Zod, all blended together in such a way that you give exposition without being burdensome; you let the reader connect the dots himself. Cool scene, daddy-o...

    1. Thanks R.A.!

      I'm certainly not knowledgeable on Kryptonian history. Took some research to get up to speed on Zod. The recent Superman direct to DVD cartoon was an influence too :)


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