Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gwen Stacy – Ride-along – Brian Manton

Note: set during Peter Parker's first few days as Spider-man. Colour with a 60's style pantone effect.

Panel frame is the shape of the rear window of Captain Stacy's unmarked patrol car and consists of the view through this window.
GWEN STACY sits in the back seat, panel right. We can see the back of her head - black hair band and blonde hair.
CAPTAIN STACY sits in the front left seat at the wheel.
A detachable police siren sits on the dashboard. We can see a police radio in the centre of the dashboard.
We see a Brooklyn street through the front window, streetlights illuminating the night.

Small overlay panel which overlaps p1&3 on the right hand side of the page.
Close on Spider-man's hand missing a webline.

Spider-man (small):  uh oh

Panel bleeds to the left of the page.
Side view of Captain Stacy's imported Ferrari 250GTE travelling left-to-right, as Spider-man crashes into the bonnet with force.
[The Ferrari is highly unlikely, but let's give him a cool police car :) -]

As with p1, this panel is the shape of the rear window and shows the view through it.
Same view as p1 but now Spiderman is crouching on the dented bonnet, waving in.
Gwen is sitting forward.
Captain Stacy has raised his hands in shock and confusion.

Spider-man:  Uhh... hi. Really sorry, still getting into the swing of this. You've got third party, spider and theft, right?

As with p2, small overlay panel which overlaps p4&6.
Close on Spider-man's head - spider sense tingling.

Bleed to bottom + right
Angled view of the side of the car from behind.
Gwen's hands pressed against the window as she stares out in awe, smiling.
We can see her view reflected on the window - Spider-man thwipping away down the next street.

Police Radio (jagged, OP): Robbery in progress - Lafayette National - all units respond.


different dash with police radio


  1. Not only do you capture Spidey's early days well, but your Spidey is so spot on, it borders on endearing. Very cool page. You can actually feel Gwen's infatuation in the last panel, almost in waves. (Personally, I'da put the Stacy's in a Lincoln, hiding a diesel hemi under the hood for them hi-speed chases, but the Ferrari's a sweet piece, all class.)

    Nice job, Mr. Manton...

    1. Hi Ray, thanks for the reply :)

      Yeah, the Lincoln would be a great choice... a nice big bonnet for Spidey to crash into and a better back window for the last panel.


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