Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gwen Stacy -The Ties That Bind -Dan Hill

Page One (Four Panels)

NB - The page is made up of four vertical panels going from left to right.

Panel One
A close up on the skull on Punisher’s shirt, speckles of blood flecked across the pristine white.


CAPTION: For some it sits heavy in the gut, like a cold, coiled snake.

Panel Two
Tight on one of Wolverine’s claws held in front of his face as he grits his teeth, seconds away from one of his berserker rages.

CAPTION: It wraps itself around a man and his most primal urges.

CAPTION: Forcing them together.

Panel Three
Tight on a discarded blood-soaked sai as it lies discarded on a New York sidewalk.

CAPTION: A boot pushing a man deep into the mud of his own despair.

CAPTION: But for some...

Panel Four
In the background we can see the Hudson river and the New York skyline, water towers and skyscrapers spread out before us. In the foreground of the panel we can see a webline stretched from the top of the panel to the bottom.

CAPTION: ...it drives them to greater heights.

CAPTION: And a promise to do better.


  1. Oh man Dan. That was awesome.

    Often overlooked (even by men) is the positive impact Gwen's death had on Peter's life. You killed it here man. Well done.

  2. Great page Dan. Loved it. The only thing that didn't work for me was the choice of shot for the Wolverine panel - I think just because that shot has been used to death on covers.


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