Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gwen Stacy – What If…The Spectacular Spider-Woman?! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

(This scene takes place in the “Spider-Web”, a ‘secret base’ that has been set up in part of an abandoned building away from where Gwen Stacy lives.)

Panel 1: GWEN STACY is sitting on a table wearing her SPIDER-WOMAN costume (which looks mostly like the normal SPIDER-MAN costume, but tailored to fit a woman rather than a man), except her mask is off and in her hand. Assorted SCIENCE(!) equipment is sitting on the table near her.

She’s looking to where PETER PARKER is seated in a chair nearby as he is carefully working on something. He looks very much in line with versions of PARKER we’ve seen from prior to when he got his SPIDER-BITE, including that he’s still wearing his glasses (since here, he still needs them)

TEXT BOX: Meanwhile…

PETER: Mr. Jameson called again today. Tried to change my mind again.

GWEN: You still told him ‘no’, right?

PETER: Of course I did.

Panel 2: PETER PARKER looks up from his work and faces GWEN STACY. GWEN as an ‘EW’ look on her face, complete with tightly closed eyes and her tongue sticking out.

GWEN (1): Good. As long as he wants to keep calling me names, he’s not allowed to have any of my pictures.

GWEN (2): Your pictures?

PETER (1): Our pictures?

PETER (2): It was tempting, though. Practically doubled his offer.

GWEN (3): Glad to know I can count on you, Petey.

Panel 3: PETER PARKER holds up a web-shooter for GWEN STACY. GWEN looks happy by what PETER is telling her.

PETER (1): Speaking of which, I think I’ve got the new design working.

PETER (2): This one has an automatic reloading system so you don’t have to manually change cartages as often.

Panel 4: GWEN STACY holds the web-shooter in her hands, she looks VERY pleased by the news. PETER PARKER is leaning into his hand and looking at GWEN with a dreamy-eyed look.

GWEN: Mr. Parker, have I ever told you what a godsend you are?

PETER: I’m just happy to help.

Panel 5: GWEN STACY looks at PETER PARKER and gives him one of those ‘don’t be so modest’ looks and hand-only waves. PETER is sitting up at attention.

GWEN (1): I’m serious, Peter.

GWEN (2): I may have figured out how to make the web fluid on my own, but between school, being a hero, sneaking away from daddy, trying to maintain some kind of social life, and everything else, I don’t think I ever would have had time to design the shooters, let alone build them.

Panel 6: GWEN STACY is giving both an eye roll.

PETER: It’s a miracle you manage to balance it all.

GWEN (1): UGH!

GWEN (2): Daddy is the worst of it. I can only imagine how he’d react if he knew his precious little girl and the infamous ‘Spider-Woman’ were the same person.



  1. A very busy page in terms of dialogue. But that aside I dig it. I also like the idea that Peter actually IS helping Spider-Woman out with her inventions - but that Gwen still came up with the webbing. Nice touch.

  2. Sold. I love the whole concept on this. The idea of Gwen with the powers and the double life is inspired. Just reimagining the Ditko issues alone around this...that was fun with a capital fun.

  3. Excellent idea. I would read this. Would make a cool mini series.

    The dialogue in p5 could do with being trimmed down, but otherwise, great work!

  4. Marvel actually did this just recently and it's almost exactly like this snippet. The only major difference is that in Marvel's version, Peter turned himself into the Lizard and was killed very early on in Gwen's Spidey career.


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