Thursday, July 18, 2013

Queen and Country – The Big Picture - Shaun Richens.


We see the feet of TARA CHACE. Blood runs down the side of her combat boots.

Wind whips dust up off the dirt track she is moving down.


The lower half of a MAN’s face cast in shadow. He holds a telephone receiver to his ear.

MAN: But sir, what about my agent?

TARA leans against the outside of make shift desert building, We can see down the track that runs next to the building, Tara is trying to get a glimpse down it with out giving herself away. A squad of soldiers in desert combat gear move down the track towards Tara, their assault rifles raised ready for action.

Cut back to the man in shadow, he is still having a heated phone conversation.

MAN: I understand.

MAN (small): She was never there.

Large panel. We see a large make shift desert village. In the distance on the horizon we see an old fortress. 

We can make out Tara in the F/G still taking cover behind a building. The squad of soldiers has moved up the track towards her. We can now also see a dozen or so other squads of a similar size moving through the village looking for Tara.

CAPTION MAN: Send in the air strike.


  1. Really solid spy adventure script. Makes you wonder how she's gonna get out of this one...Cool stuff, sir.

  2. Cool script Shaun. You show the greater priorities at play. I like the last panel, gives a great overview of the devastation to come.

    I think p4 could be left silent. We can put together that info from what you've set up, and the silent beat would add more weight to p5.

  3. Great page that raises the stakes nicely, peaking with a great last panel/caption.


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