Sunday, July 14, 2013

Queen & Country- A Direct Path -Dan Hill

Page 1

Exterior. A wide shot of Centraal Station in Amsterdam, early evening. People go about their business as rain begins to fall. A tram cuts across the panel, people rushing to get out of its way.

1. CAPTION/Crocker: “There are concerns about your...socialising.”

2. CAPTION/Tara: “What kind of concerns?”

Interior of the tram. TARA stands amidst the crowded car, holding onto one of the straps that dangle from the ceiling. She’s wearing suitably warm clothes, a mac wrapped around her frame and an umbrella in the other hand. She looks towards us; bored.

3. CAPTION/Crocker: “That it’s having an effect on your performance.”

From TARA’s POV we see a baby in a papoose carrier, strapped to its father’s front. It smiles with wonder and joy.

4. CAPTION/Tara: “Sir, a bullet only exists between when it’s fired and when it finds its target.”

Same perspective as Two. TARA smiles a little.

5. CAPTION/Crocker: “Where are you going with this, Tara?”

TARA is now in the corridor of a fancy looking hotel. She uses a swipe card to get access to her room, looking over her shoulder as she enters.

6. CAPTION/Tara: “I’ll get it done, Sir.”

Wide panel; almost an aerial shot of TARA standing at the side of the double bed in her room. On the bed is a high powered sniper rifle and its case.

7. CAPTION/Tara: “You don’t have to worry.”

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