Saturday, July 20, 2013

Queen & Country - FUBAR - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1 - TARA CHACE, an SAS soldier, and a ROOKIE Minder are moving down a sandstone and cement hallway.  Plywood doors alternate down the side of the hall.  All three are in desert fatigues and body armour, helmets on their heads (night-vision goggles are up on the helmet), and weapons ready.  The SAS man is sighting down his C8 carbine rifle ( for a reference), while TARA and the ROOKIE have both hands around the grip of their SigSauer P220s, pointed down.
SIG Sauer P220 Carry SAS Gen 2 Nitron Pistol w/ Night Sights
All three are sweating and hyper alert.  A lone dim light bulb swings from the ceiling.

CAPTION:  Somewhere under the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Panel 2 - The three are stopped in front of a plywood door with no door knob or latch, just a loop of rope, knotted from the other side.  The SAS man places his left palm flat against the door.


Panel 3 - TARA and the SAS man are to one side of the door, the ROOKIE to the other, as the SAS man swings the door wide open.  The room inside is dark and black.


Panel 4 - All 3, weapons ready, still in their positions outside the door.


Panel 5 - The ROOKIE is sighting down his pistol sight as he moves into the dark room.  TARA watches wide-eyed as the SAS man moves to cover the ROOKIE.

ROOKIE:  Moving...

TARA:  No, wait...

Panel 6 - The ROOKIE drops his pistol as his face is blown off by machine gun fire from inside the room, bullets through the back of his head.  TARA and the SAS man take cover on either side of the doorway, angry at both the rookie's mistake as well as his death.


Panel 7 - TARA takes shooter's position on one knee, firing her pistol two handed from below, and around the door jamb.  She is yelling at whoever might be shooting from inside the room. The SAS man gets ready to fire through the doorway from a standing position.  The ROOKIE's body is fallen on the floor.

TARA:  Khalid!!

Sound FX:  BlamBlam!! BlamBlam!!

TARA:  You're buggered now, you bastard!!!


  1. Cool page RA. I really like the panel layout.

  2. Another page that does a good job of capturing the Q&C tone.


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