Saturday, July 20, 2013

Queen & Country – Moneybox – Brian Manton

A Ford Fiesta parked at the side of an Irish country road.  Off the road is a dense woodland, which veers up a steep hill.

CAP (Kinney):  What do you think you're playing at, Crocker? It's home soil. Pull her out.

CAP (Crocker):  It's two miles outside the border. Donegal is foreign soil just as much as Kabul.

Tara Chace walks uphill through the woods with Mike Reilly - ex IRA, late 50s, moustache, thousand yard stare.

CAP (Kinney):  Yeah? And where'd she meet him?

CAP (Crocker):  This is time sensitive. I had to set Chace in motion when he called.

Just inside the edge of the tree line, before a sharp drop-off in the hill, Reilly hands Chace a pair of binoculars.

CAP (Crocker):  Reilly helped root out some of the last weapon caches in 2002. We can trust him.

Wide view of four cars (a group of three and one separate) in the grounds of a large, run-down manor house. Silhouettes of two armed men can be seen standing by one of the cars. Two other men walk towards each other, one from the lone car.

CAP (Kinney):  There's no such thing as trust, Paul. You know that.

Close on the two men, shaking hands.  The man from the lone car is Middle Eastern.

CAP (Crocker):  Just look in the file, Kinney.

CAP (Crocker):  Like I said. Might as well be Kabul.

Close on Chace taking aim with her sniper rifle.

CAP (Kinney):  This connection needs to be--

CAP (Crocker):  Yes... put "completely and verifiably beyond use."


  1. Wow, the sheer amount of information you cram into one page is astounding. The fact that you do it without breaking narrative is even more so. You really have a knack for "show, don't tell". Great page.

  2. Great page very much in keeping with Rucka's tone for the series.

    Really strong stuff.


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