Monday, July 8, 2013

The Ataché - Gunshy - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Shot of an apartment door.  It is closed, and while there's not much more to see, it's evident that the apartment is pretty run down.


2 - Same shot of the door.


3 - Same shot of the door, but some blood appears to be pooling out from under it into the hallway.




4 - Same shot of the door, but the blood is pooling out even more.

CAPTION: Untraceable bullets...

5 - The door is now open.  A figure exits.  His head is not visible, cut off by the top of the panel.  He holds one of the magic guns in his hand.  The gun, his hand, and a good portion of his forearm are drenched in blood.  There are also speckles and splashes on the rest of his body.  Those are the only details we have of the figure, as the rest of him is rendered in shadowy silhouette, making the crimson red stand out even more.  The apartment interior is appropriately rundown and shabby, and the legs of a (now dead) man are visible lying in the pool of blood (the rest of him is cut off by the doorway).

CAPTION: Fuck that noise.  When you've shit to settle, you do it up close and personal.


  1. Great page Grant. I enjoyed this one. Fits in well with the 100 Bullets world. This guy should run into Lono :)

    The only thing I'd question is could the KRACK! be mistaken for a gunshot sfx?

    1. I'll admit that I was pretty wrapped up in the idea that the 'KRACK!' was in reference to the assailant cracking the victim in the skull with the gun, so I didn't consider it too much.

      Part of that also comes from my predilection for using 'BLAM!' for guns, but glancing through some 100 Bullets issues, I see that Azzarello's habit is to use 'BANG!', so I feel justified in my decision. :P

  2. There's a very dark sense of humor here, and I will admit that I got a laugh out of the result.

  3. Sweet Christmas, Grant. That was brutal. Handling all of that off-panel was a great choice, and at the end, I realized I was holding my breath. Your 5th panel just nails the whole 100B atmosphere tonally. Well done.

  4. Really great use of the fixed perspective in conjunction with the sound effects to create a sense of palpable tension and dread.

    You really sell so much of the character too with minimal caption/text.


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