Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Attaché - Not Enough - Shaun Richens.


ED, a frail elderly bald man with large thick-rimmed glasses sits behind a large steel desk. A single light bulb hangs from the ceiling. The bright light shines off his baldhead and shows every wrinkle in his face. The light is so bright we cant see his eyes as his glasses reflect the light, also the light has made the room so hot ED is sweating right through his white collar shirt.

ED: Untraceable…

We pull away from Ed to the other side of the desk; we are in the empty seat opposite him.

ED: … That’s what they told me.

ED: I shouldn’t be here.

Pulling back even more. We are now looking at ED in his small holding cell from the other side of a one-way glass window.

ED has started to cry, tears roll down under his glasses and down his sagging cheeks.

ED (Small): Who’s going to feed Mittens while I’m here?

Now we look through the glass at ED over the shoulders of two detectives. We can’t see much of them as they are in shadow.

DETECTIVE: What pushes an old timer like him to do something like that?

DETECTIVE: What’s a guy got to have done to make you wanna shoot him a hundred and thirty seven times?


  1. This is another one where as dark as the humor about it is, it still makes me chuckle.

  2. It took me a while to "get" this one, but when I did I chuckled.

    Well played, Sir.

  3. Nice script Shaun. The twist fits well with how many of the recipients of the attaché are manipulated or misled.


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