Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Attaché – Turnabout Game – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

In a cheap diner – but not the kind that lets itself LOOK cheap – are two men. They are JOHN McCOY, who has an overall scruffy look to him and wears a combination of blue jeans, a basic button-up shirt, a jacket, etc, and THOMAS HAMMERSTONE, who’s wearing a well-kept business suit and has an appearance suggesting he’s a man of power and makes sure to look the part.

Panel 1: Panel is now positioned next to the booth the two men are sitting at so that we can see JOHN sitting across from THOMAS and looking at him.

JOHN (1): A few weeks ago, a man approached me. He gave me a suitcase with this gun, this envelope, and 100 untraceable bullets.

JOHN (2): He said that you were responsible for ruining my life. The envelope contains the evidence proving that claim. And then he said I could kill you with no repercussions.

Panel 2: Close up of THOMAS’ face. He shows little sign of fear – not only is he not the kind to beg for his life, but he can tell that JOHN has something bigger on his mind.

THOMAS (1): Why are you telling me this, Mr. McCoy?

THOMAS (2): Are you here to kill me?

Panel 3: JOHN slides the envelope over the gun as he temporarily looks away from THOMAS.

JOHN (1): No.

JOHN (2): Once I would have said ‘yes’. After this man approached me, I eagerly tried to find you so that I could do just that.

JOHN (3): Except the most curious thing happened. I got hit by a car.

Panel 4: JOHN returns his focus to THOMAS and looks him square in the face. THOMAS is listening closely.

JOHN (1): Survived relatively unscathed. Little more than a couple weeks in the hospital.

JOHN (2): But it gave me time to think.

JOHN (3): I could go on for hours about the lightbulbs and questions that found their way into my head, but the short version is I realized that there was something wrong with the entire premise.

Panel 5: THOMAS continues to calmly sit as he presses forwards to the point of their discussion.

THOMAS: If you’re not here to kill me, then what does this have to do with me?

JOHN: I want your help.

THOMAS: My help?

Panel 6: JOHN reaches his arm across the table to point at THOMAS.

JOHN (1): Yes. You’re a man of resources. You have wealth and power.

JOHN (2): I have a gun with 100 untraceable bullets.

JOHN (3): Bullets that I was given with the intent they would be used on you.

JOHN (4): I want to find out what’s really going on.

JOHN (5): And want you, the man whose life I am sparing, to help me.



  1. I like this idea of the tools being turned on those that hand them out so to speak.

    Some good back and forth/dialogue going on here too that sets the mood nicely.

  2. Interesting setup MK. It leaves me interested to know more about these characters, as they have to be more than meets the eye if they are going to last long against the Trust. They don't know what they're in for :)


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