Sunday, July 7, 2013

Why The Attaché?

With 100 Bullets, Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Rizzo (with beautiful covers by Dave Johnson) crafted a crime fiction masterpiece. Over 100 issues we saw lives dismantled, rebuilt and blown away all over again. We were shown stories of redemption and damnation, geed and love, hope and desperation. Azzarello has been praised for the realistic use of regional accents and slang in his pulp noir opus and Rizzo's dynamic art confidently rotates around complex scenes, building a believable landscape for their violence to unfold.

Bearer of the Attaché is the mysterious Agent Graves. He approaches an individual who has suffered some terrible wrong. He offers them the Attaché containing irrefutable evidence of those responsible for this misdeed, a handgun, and 100 untraceable rounds of ammunition. Any investigation which returns this ammunition will cease immediately but once revenge has been attained, the remaining bullets become as traceable as any other.

Graves is an agent of The Trust, a clandestine organisation with power greater than that of any government or head of state. There are larger motives at play as the Attaché moves from chess piece to chess piece - no one sure if they are a knight or a pawn.

You don't know any of this.

All you know is that you have been given an attaché case, and inside you have found a gun, 100 rounds of untraceable ammunition and a photo of the person who ruined your life. It doesn't seem real. You don't want to believe it... but all the evidence has been provided for you. It's true... They ruined your life.

Your move.


  1. The Attaché - Hit List
    by Arby Moay

    This is heavily based on the character Arya Stark from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire or the TV series Game of Thrones. Heh.

    Panel 1
    Exterior. Night. It is raining. We are in a darkened alley, clearly dirty with a lot of garbage scattered around. We see a dumpster filled to burst. Beside it is a girl, ARRIANE, lying in the ground. She is 15 - 17 years of age. She wears only a few layers of clothing. She is shivering.

    CAPTION: For my mother...

    ARRIANE: Olliver Weese... Officer Tickler... Officer Ralph... Officer Trant...

    Panel 2
    Close-in on ARRIANE. We see her face more clearly now. She looks a bit gaunt and dirty but she also looks very determined and angry.

    CAPTION: For my father...

    ARRIANE: Duncan Chiswyck. Sergeant Amory. Judge Ellen. Lieutenant Clegane. Captain Gregor.

    Panel 3
    Zoom out a bit so we see the empty sidewalk. There is an attaché case beside a wall in the alley, as if someone walked past the alley and just left it there. ARRIANE sees the case and is in the motion of getting up.

    Panel 4
    ARRIANE opens the case. It is filled with papers (which are now getting a bit wet), money, pictures, an ipod/iphone with earphones attached to it, a pistol and, of course, a hundred bullets.

    CAPTION: And for me.

    ARRIANE: Catherine Jeffries... Governor Jeffries...

    1. I like the blend of what you've got going on here.

      It's a good setup for what I imagine will be a lot of blood and vengeance.

  2. Hi Arby.

    Cool page, and a great choice for the mashup. I love that you've chosen almost all police and justice system officials for her list. Looks like she has her work cut out for her :)

  3. Nice page, Arby. Quality mashup of Game of Thrones and 100 Bullets. I agree with Brian that the repetition of figures from the police and justice system is a nice touch.


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