Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wolverine - The Curse of a Long Life - Ben Rosenthal

1.    Logan is in a flashback looking sequence.  He is dressed in army fatigues, cutting a swath through men during World War II

I've lived through wars. Settled most of ‘em myself.

2.   Logan is holding the dead body of Mariko, devastated.

I've loved and lost…

3.  Logan suffering on his most recent trip to Hell.  Sabretooth is torturing him, laughing. 

…and been to hell and back. 

4.  Wolverine is throwing down against Loki with the Avengers.

I've thrown down with Gods and Kings and kept on keeping on.

5.   Logan is sitting alone in a bar, staring into his beer glass.  He is alone with his memories.

Times like this…

They hurt more than you could ever know.


  1. Nice page Ben. Would work well as a primer for the character like the 2pagers DC do on comixology.

  2. Nice summing up of the character, told very deftly.

  3. Ah, the power of memory. This page shows its negative effects on someone so long-lived.

  4. Emotional and powerful. You hit beats that will bring old readers back to those moments instantly as well as bring new readers right into the head of the character.

    The visuals and caption on that last panel are dead on for logan as well. I could see this as a PAGE ONE of a new wolverine story. The page works perfectly on its own but you leave it at a point where I really want to know where all of this is leading Logan.


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