Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wolverine - Duel - R.A. Wonsowski

Layout: 2x3, done in the style of Charles Schulz's PEANUTS.

Panels 1 through 4 - Close-up, profile shot of LOGAN (looking to the right side of the panel).  His teeth are clenched and bare.  Sweat drips from his forehead, his hair is blown back in the wind, eyes a little wide.  Copy as follows:

Panel 1 - CAPTION 1:  Lost count of how many times I faced down situations like this.

Panel 2 - CAPTION 2:  Especially with Charley's crew.  How often it came down to me.

Panel 3 - CAPTION 3:  Now here I am with Hudson's A-Team.  Just like coming home.

Panel 4 - CAPTION 4:  Here we go...fastball special...

Panel 5 - Pull back.  We see LOGAN swing his baseball bat, connecting solidly with the ball.

SoundFX:  CRACK!!!

Panel 6 - Logan jogs to first base, fist pumping in the air. He's wearing a baseball cap, white t-shirt, shorts, and shoes like dinner rolls.  In the background, we see BEAST in his catcher's equipment, mask up, two blue fingers up, standing in front of CHARLES XAVIER, on the pitcher's mound in his wheelchair, wearing a yellow shirt with a zig-zag stripe, looking right at us, baseball cap brim to the side, and a nauseous look on his face.  There is a scoreboard that reads A. FLIGHT 12 - VISITORS 0.


CHARLES - Good grief!

BEAST - (small lettering) Oh my stars and...ONE finger means the high straight ball, TWO fingers...

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