Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wolverine – Frost Bite - Shaun Richens.


5.1 CU on Wolverine’s nose. His nostrils are flared, his nose wrinkled as he sniffs the air.

Sniff. Sniff.

5.2 CU on Wolverine’s mouth, a sly grin creeping up one side of it. Stubble covers his chin.

Thought I’d lost you. Guess your nose is better than mine.

5.3 Wide panel, a bleak and barren snowy wilderness. Through a clearing in a patch of leafless tress we see a large WOLF, teeth showing, dripping in saliva. Its head lowered, front legs down, ready to make its move on its prey, on Wolverine.


5.4 Classic showdown profile shot. Snow has covered everything in a blanket of white all we can see are the Wolf on the left and Wolverine, in a tattered and torn X-men uniform still stained in his blood standing on the right. Both are paused waiting for the other to react to rashly.


5.5 CU on Wolverines clenched fist.

Now lets see who has the sharpest claws bub.

5.6 Repeat CU on Wolverines clenched fist. However now Wolverine has popped his claws.


5.7 Repeat panel of 5.4 the showdown panel. Wolverines claws are now popped and his arms held up in front of him ready to fight.

The white B/G is now dotted with half a dozen pairs of glowing WOLVES eyes, the rest of the pack.



  1. Really enjoyed this page Shaun. For some reason I had Sam Kieth artwork in my head.

    Really like the pacing you've built. The shots of the snikt are a staple of Wolverine comics, but used to good effect here.

    As I pictured p3 as quite a white shot, the desc of the glowing eyes in 7 threw me a bit. Perhaps you could suggest their shadowy figures through the snow haze instead of the eyes.

    Great work dude.

  2. There's a great quiet stillness here, that I was also going for in my script this week. It shows how Wolverine doesn't need to go berserk to be ruthless. Great final image too, but Wolverine's line at the end does offset the tone a bit.


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