Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wolverine – Marvel Babies: Age of Ultron – MK Stangeland Jr.

(For art and concept reference, see the “A-Babies vs. X-Babies” one-shot.)

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: WOLVERINE and SUE STORM stand in the doorway of HANK PYM’s room. They look angrily at HANK PYM.

The room itself looks full of science-type equipment, the kind that looks overly complicated and that you really only see in works of fiction.

WOLVERINE: You’ve gone too far this time, Hank!

HANK PYM: What are you talking about?


Panel 2: WOLVERINE points at a nearby window. Out it, we can see the playground.

There, ULTRON is giving NICK FURY a massive wedgie while chasing CAPTAIN AMERICA around, shooting some kind of beam that’s bouncing off his shield. A number of other baby versions of Marvel characters can be seen lying about on the ground.

WOLVERINE (1): Your stupid science fair reject is being a big bully!

WOLVERINE (2): You see the way he’s taken over the playground!

Panel 3: HANK PYM has a pouting look on his face. He point to a picture hanging on the wall of him a turned off ULTON. The version of HANK PYM in the photo has a smile on his face as large as can be, and the ULTON has a ‘1st place’ ribbon attached to him.

HANK PYM (1): Nu-uh!

HANK PYM (2): He’s not a reject, he won first prize!

Panel 4: WOLVERINE lunges at HANK PYM, with SUE STORM right behind him.

WOLVERINE: I don’t care! You’re shutting him down!

HANK PYM: Oh yeah? Make me!

WOLVERINE: With pleasure!

Panel 5: HANK PYM grows and tries to grab WOLVERINE, but gets hit by one of SUE’s invisible bubbles in the face, allowing WOLVERINE to slide between HANK’s legs.

HANK PYM: Stupid head! You ca-OW!

WOLVERINE: Good work, Sue!

Panel 6: WOLVERINE is on HANK PYM’s back and in the process of giving HANK a massive wegie of his own.

WOLVERINE: Say Uncle, Hank!


Panel 7: WOLVERINE stands on HANK PYM’s shoulder, grabbing on to him with one arm and trying to give him a noogie with the other.


SFX: *noogie*noogie*noogie*



(Or, alternatively, you could also see the below alternate Marvel Babies cover from the Age of Ultron event to get an idea as to what this is all about:)


  1. Cute consent played out really really for laughs. The visuals and dialogue felt just right for the baby universe as well as staying as close to in character as possible.

    Your baby Wolverine in particular was really well written, he seemed head strong and a little reckless just how Wolverine should be. Very much like Tommy from the Rugrats.

  2. Really funny page MK. If you see fit, more Marvel babies scripts from you in the future please! :)


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