Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wolverine -Rogues Gallery -Dan Hill

Page 1

Wide; CU on WOLVERINE’s mouth, his teeth gritted in anger.

1. CAPTION/Wolverine:        I’ve fought a lot of monsters in my time.

2. CAPTION/Wolverine:        All of ‘em scary in their own way.

Classic WOLVERINE (whiskers!) hurls himself at the HULK.

3. CAPTION/Wolverine:        Rage personified.

WOLVERINE (in a different iteration of his costume) grapples with NUKE somewhere on the rooftops of New York.

4. CAPTION/Wolverine:        Distorted patriotism.

Another costume change, another battle. This time WOLVERINE is tangling with OMEGA RED somewhere on the arctic ice.

5. CAPTION/Wolverine:        Monsters.

WOLVERINE, in civilian clothes now, fights DAKEN in the alleyways of Madripoor.

6. CAPTION/Wolverine:        Shadows.

The classic shot of WOLVERINE during the Weapon X Program (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mec0iscVjT1qh1kd5o1_400.jpg)

7. CAPTION/Wolverine:        All of ‘em reflections in a shattered mirror.


  1. Your choice of moments to include is a brilliant, you show the range of events the character has fought tooth and nail through, and you put an exclamation mark on the end of them all with your frank captioning.

    For me that last caption felt a little off, a wee bit to poetic for weapon x. I really like the visual metaphor of it all just didn't feel 100% in character.

    Overall however the page, much like Ben's is a great establishing page for a character who has seen and done it all and you leave us wanting to turn the page to see where Logan is now.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Cool page and great concept behind it.

    I agree with Shaun about the last caption. It's exactly what you need to say but could be closer to his voice.

    I like the rhythm you've established - 1 & 6 wide, and the panels between giving two beats of two words, two beats of one.

    The only other thing I'll nitpic is the repetition of the word Monster which killed the rhythm for me.

    Really nice page though. I think you picked a really poignant part of his character to highlight.


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