Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adventure Time - ...gone HOR-ribly WRONG! - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1 - Through their window we see FINN and JAKE happily fist-bump.

FINN & JAKE:  Yeah!!

Panel 2 - The "Adventure Time" title card, with FINN and JAKE holding the banner that reads "with Finn and Jake" with wings on their backs.

CAPTION (with musical notes):  Adventure Time! C'mon, grab your friends...

Panel 3 - FINN riding JAKE through the icy mountains at night, a full moon in the sky.

CAPTION (with musical notes):  We'll go to very distant lands...

Panel 4 - Floating heads of FINN and JAKE against an orange background.

CAPTION (with musical notes):  Jake the Dog, and Finn the Human...

Panel 5 - In a rainbow-laden garden of lollipops, FINN and JAKE are being brutally and savagely attacked by MILK & CHEESE, Dairy Products Gone Bad!  MILK is slashing away at JAKE with a broken whiskey bottle, and CHEESE is blathering FINN with a cast-iron skillet from behind, blood flying everywhere.  In the sky, LADY RAINICORN looks on in horror, weeping.

CAPTION (with musical notes):  ...are killed by Milk and Cheese...


Panel 6 - Atop a mountain of corpses, all characters of adventure time, MILK and CHEESE raise their fists into the stormy sky, the Adventure Time logo written in the same font as any random German heavy metal band.  Among the corpses are FINN, JAKE, MARCELINE, the ICE KING, and the PRINCESS.  In an inset panel to the lower right, DEADPOOL winks at us, giving the thumbs-up.

CAPTION (with musical notes):  It's Adventure Time!

DEADPOOL:  Now DEADPOOL Approved!  Yeah!!

Panel 7 - In a conference room at ThoughtBalloons Headquarters (we know it's their HQ because the blog logo is on the wall), BEN, BRIAN, DAN, GRANT, J.D., MK, NIEL, RYAN, and SHAUN look at RAY, who is wearing a Deadpool mask, bowling shirt, jeans, and POUCHES!, in looks ranging from disapproval, to nausea and disgust, to angry disappointment.  RYAN has a "BLEAGH" look on his face, while MK and J.D. look at each other with worried concern.  GRANT has answered the phone, and cups the mouthpiece while he looks on with a smoldering fury.  RAY-slash-Deadpool has his arms wide, enthusiastically stumping for the new opening credits.  A large screen TV behind him has MILK and CHEESE running and carrying torches.

RAY/DEADPOOL:  ...oh, c'mon! It's like PRINTING money...

BRIAN (to DAN):  It's "Writer's Block Week" again, isn't it?

GRANT:  Ray, Pendleton Ward would like a word with you...


  1. I think Brian's expression is out of character in p7 ;)

    Coz I loved it.

  2. This is exactly the kind of structured craziness that Adventure Time is famous for.

    Somehow you have managed, in a page that cameos all of the ThoughtBalloons crew, to still capture the tone and feel of the show. Its crazy and odd ball but with a solid structure, plot and vein of comedy running through it.


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