Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adventure Time – Without Us – Brian Manton

Finn and Jake at home.
Jake is building a house of cards. The cards have arms, legs and faces and are suffering severe anxiety from being used in architecture.
Finn is lying on his bed in the background, holding his sword lazily in the air.

Finn:  Feels like we haven't had an adventure in centuries. No, millennia.

Jake:  Yeah. It's just been... *time*.

Finn beams with excited realisation – a jagged edge yellow circle behind him.
Jake peers from behind the jagged edge circle as if it is a physical object. One arm holds on to the edge of the circle, another arm gives a thumbs up and one arm holds a roll of toilet paper.

Finn:  Let’s go T.P. the Ice King’s palace!

Jake:  Oh I'm all over that buddy.

Wide panel with no border and white bkg (same as gutter)

Jake’s legs stretch from the left edge of the page (bleed) toward the right as Jake speeds forward with Finn on his back waving his sword. Position them over two thirds of the way across the frame. Tiny in the distance, on the far right hand side of the panel is Ice King's palace. Mountains stretch off to panel right (bleed).


Inside Ice King's Palace.
We see Finn & Jake peering in a window at the bkg.
Beemo sits on Treetrunk’s back. Treetrunk brandishes a tiny cardboard sword in her trunk, pointing it at Ice King. Ice King is backed against a wall with his hands in the air. Lumpy Space Princess floats in a cage with a nonplussed expression on her face.

LSP: You, like, totally saved me or something.

Finn is inside the room with them now. Jake is climbing through the window. They all look ashamed, including Ice King but not LSP who still looks nonplussed. Finn looks upset.

Finn:  Heyyyyyyyyy, you guys are adventuring...

Ice King:  No, no, we... we were just—

Treetrunks:  Spring cleaning.

Bemo (overlap with previous balloon):  Doing our tax returns.

LSP:  Just, like, join in or whatever.

Finn looks totally defeated and heartbroken.  Jake folds two arms and puts an extra one around Finn in solidarity with his friend. He peers at them disapprovingly.

Finn:  No. I'm cool. I guess we'll just go back to the palace.

Everyone (again, save for LSP) looking totally guilt ridden and rosy cheeked. They look to each other.

Ice King (small):  We... we could go for some, right guys?

Beemo (small):  yeah

Treetrunks (small):  yes

Outside the palace. Everyone is Jake smiling and enjoying himself. Finn angry and taking out his frustration in overly strong throws. Ice King raises an eyebrow and throws T.P. over a really low icicle. Treetrunks and Beemo are still rosy cheeked and embarrassed as they throw the T.P. LSP's limp throw lets the TP fall short of the palace and roll out on the ground.


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  1. You write a heartbreakingly sad Finn. I could just see his big, sad eyes welling up with tears.

    This was the perfect balance of funny and heartwarming. Very good page sir.


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