Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Galactus -Fantastic Voyage -Dan Hill

Page 1

Panel 1: A wide establishing shot of the FANTASTIC FOUR all buckled into seats inside a small submersible type craft. REED is at the controls, SUE sits next to him in the co-pilot’s chair. BEN and JOHNNY fool around in a pair of chairs behind them.

1. REED (caption):        A lot of people tell me I’m tightly wound.

2. REED:                       Knock it off back there!

3. JOHNNY:                  Confined spaces and Ben’s new high fibre diet are not agreeing with me.

4. BEN:                         Yeah? Shut yer yap, Eau du Brimstone.

5. REED (caption):        That I seek out challenges and stressful situations.

Panel 2: On REED, tense and serious.

6. REED (caption):        They’d be right.

7. REED:                       Look!

8. REED (caption):        But I exercise regularly. I eat well.

Panel 3: Large panel, the craft the group are in (something like this http://www.diseno-art.com/images_3/AQUA_submersible_side_large.jpg)  floats through a cosmic void. Kirby crackle sparks and misfires all around them and the craft is heading for a unnaturally red, pulsing star in the centre of the panel, far far in the background.

9. REED (caption):        The same can’t be said for Galactus.

10. REED (caption):        He eats anything.

11. REED (caption):        And now the supernova he calls a heart is about to go critical.

11. REED (caption):        This would be a very bad thing.

Panel 4: Inset panel in the upper left of Panel 3, a close up on SUE.

13. SUE:            It’s beautiful.

Panel 5: Inset panel on the bottom left of Panel 3, a close up on REED.

14. REED:            Magnificent.

Panel 6: Inset panel on the top right of Panel 3, a close up on JOHNNY.

15. JOHNNY:            Wait, that’s his heart?

Panel 7: Inset panel on the bottom right of Panel 3, a close up on (yep, you guessed it) BEN.

16. BEN:            I don’t like this. I don’t like any of this.  

Panel 8: Wide panel, the pulsating red star fills the frame.

17. REED (caption):        Surgery on a demi-god?

18. REED (caption):        Just another challenge. Just another stressful situation.


  1. This just feels right. The imagery, those captions, the huge science idea behind it all.

    The panel where we see the heart of Galactus is when you had me.

    I would read the heck out of a Fantastic Four mini series where this was the through plot line. Great plot hook sir.

  2. Agreed. You establish high stakes, you nail the FF's voices perfectly, and the reveal of Galactus's star-heart is well done. It's a little bit Asimov by way of Kirby and Hickman, and I completely dig it.

  3. Wonderfully classic Fantastic Four story, and you show the scale of Galactus very well. It does feel a bit panel-heavy, but not unworkable.


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