Sunday, August 25, 2013

Galactus - The Fault in our Stars, 2nd Excerpt - R.A. Wonsowski

(This may be a bit of a cheat, but Galactus kind of inspires bigger layouts...)

Double page spread:


Panel 1 - We are "slightly above" the spinning Milky Way galaxy.  There is a cosmic "tear" in spacetime; this is the new Fault.  The Fault is being held open by the faith-engines of the Cathedral-ships of the Universal Church of Truth, and something - tentacled, many-eyed, cancer-black, and pustules oozing - is seeping and clawing its way from the other side into our universe.
     To the left of the panel, lending their energies to tear open the Fault further, is the MAGUS and the Cancerverse version of ADAM WARLOCK.  They are surrounded by magically glowing sigils, written in alien script, over geometric shapes and turns.  They seem to be in a trance-like rapture, and the MAGUS is definitely the one in control.  Their magic seems to act as a conduit between the Cathedral-ships and the Fault.
     To the right of the panel, GALACTUS has built his Great Engine, linked to his worldship, Taa II, and is currently feeding on the closest Cathedral-ship as tendrils from his apparatus seek out a second.  He bats away a third with his free arm, a look of annoyance on his face.  As GALACTUS feeds, his current heralds, STARDUST and PRAETER, as well as the SILVER SURFER, attack the horror emerging from the Fault, wielding their Power Cosmic.  GALACTUS, however, appears a bit gaunt, as if he is slowly being drained.
     In the foreground, we see an Avengers Quinjet, burners off.

MAGUS & CANCERVERSE ADAM WARLOCK:  F´thagn!  F´thagn!  F´thagn!!!

GALACTUS:  ...MORE...noo...

Panel 2 - Looking out the windshield are our heroes.  CAPTAIN MARVEL (Carol Danvers) is in the pilot's seat, MONICA RAMBEAU (in her Nextwave outfit) is copilot.  Behind them, standing left to right are CRYSTAL (Inhuman wife to Ronan the Accuser), STORM and ARMOR of the X-Men, HELLCAT, CLEA, MANTIS, KATE BISHOP, ELSA BLOODSTONE and BOOM BOOM (also of Nextwave), GAMORA, and VALKYRIE.  Their faces (except for CLEA, who is smirking) all reveal the realization that they may be out of their depth; BOOM BOOM has dropped her 32 oz. coffee.  Reflected in windshield glass is the soundless screaming mouth of GALACTUS.

STORM:   By the goddess...

HELLCAT:  Ladies, I am SO buying the first round next Wednesday.

CLEA:  Kate, Hisako, you're with me...

Panel 3:  Close-up on CLEA's face, a knowing smile.  Her hair is swept back, to show us that her face is beginning to take on the Faltine features of her father, the dread Dormammu.  Magic sparks from her eyes.

CLEA:  ...I have a plan. be continued...


  1. Punchingly powerful page. Very Marvel cosmic. Good grasp on all the characters too, and leaves me wanting more.

  2. Vast and impressive, exactly what a Marvel Cosmic comic should be.

    The sheer volume of stuff going on in that huge opening panel makes for a hugely impressive opening visual. Your descriptions is in depth but flows and makes sense, really painting a picture in my mind.

    Moving on to your last two panels, you weave in some nice character interaction before leaving us on that lovely placed cliffhanger "I have a plan"

    Cab't wait for next week.

  3. The space zealots remind me a bit of Dan Abnett's 40k stuff. You ever read it?

    1. No, but you're the second person to recommend it to me. Where should I start?

    2. Tbh the series sort of lost me. Read it more for the nostalgia of a childhood interest. But the first book of the Horus Heresy series might be a good taster. There's about 6 sample pages on amazon


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