Monday, August 26, 2013

Galactus - Feast or Famine - Grant McLaughlin

The majority of the panels should be done in classic Silver Age style.  The exception would be the last panel, which should retain some of those elements, but be rendered in a Skottie Young or Gurihiru-esque manner.

1 - A small, thin panel of the Silver Surfer surfing the galaxy, a determined look on his face.e

CAPTION: The herald scours the cosmos in search for planets that can sustain his dread lord

2 - The biggest panel of the page, this is a big ol' shot of Galactus in space.  To give some idea of the scale, maybe have some galactic debris floating by, dwarfed by his size.  Also of note: the name Galactus in the 4th caption box should be written all big and title-y, like in those comics where someone's name is being said for the first time.

CAPTION (1): Devourer of worlds

CAPTION (2): The hunger that does not cease

CAPTION (3): God

CAPTION (4): These are but some words used to describe the eternal being that is GALACTUS!

3 - Galactus has both his hands around a planet - which is obviously tiny in his gargantuan grip - preparing to take a bite out of it.

CAPTION: And while his appetite can never be sated for long, he has found a meal that will do - for now.

4 - Similar shot to panel 3, but Galactus looks around to find the source of the interjection, a look of surprised confusion on his face.

TAILLESS WORD BALLOON: "Are you sure this is healthy?"

5 - Big scene switch here.  Instead of the depths of space, we're in a suburban home.  A young family of three sits at the kitchen table.  The father (who was the one speaking in the last panel) looks worriedly across the table towards the mother.  The mother looks resignedly towards their son who sits between them.  The son doesn't look at either of his parents, as he is too busy ruthlessly devouring an apple that he holds to his mouth (ala panel 3).  Also worth noting, the son's clothing should retain the Galactus colour scheme.

MOTHER: If it gets him eating his fruits and vegetables, I'll take it.

SON (quietly): ...for his hunger must be satisfied...

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  1. I like it me, or is there a real Calvin & Hobbes vibe happening here? Anywho, nice piece.


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